The “Vanilla Stranger Boy” Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The “Endless Creature Groove” Spotify Playlist

Every week I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment.

Late again this week, but hopefully, better late than never.

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The Songs

1. Vanilla, Moody Beach, Moody Beach EP (2017)

2. Un-American Woman, Dinner, Single (2017)

3. tonite, LCD Soundsystem, Single (2017)

4. White of an Eye, Patience, Single (2017)

5. War is Coming (If You Want It), Car Seat Headrest, Single (2017)

6. Thinking of Strangers, Gold Class, Drum (2017)

7. Forest Mattress, Ranier Maria, S/T (2017

8. Valley Boy, Wolf Parade, Single (2017)

9. You're High, UV-TV, Glass (2017)

10. All I Do, Moody Beach, Moody Beach EP (2017)

11. Night of the Long Knives, Everything Everything, A Fever Dream (2017)

12. Appointments, Julien Baker, Single (2017)

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