Part Chimp Make New Noise & Listen to the "R U Afraid Mapoleon" Spotify Playlist

The "R U Afraid Mapoleon" Playlist

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The Return of Part Chimp


Part Chimp, the UK noise-rock band, have returned from their amicable breakup in 2011 with their album IV (2017, Rock Action Records) and I, for one, am thrilled. 

I have often said that I like my grunge to play like really dark beer tastes (think Guinness Stout) and Part Chimp is really dark beer grimy. I chose the song "Mapoleon" because it walks a tight line between the repetitive drone and a constant feeling that at virtually any moment the song could literally go off the rails in an explosion of angst. They build so much tension into the song that it is almost amazing that it lands without incident.

Singer/Guitarist Tim Cedar says the song is about getting desperately lost on a drive that ultimately ends in an accident (which explains all of that building tension). He also seems to suggest that in the depravity of desire lies grace and beauty (but that is not important right now). Luckily, Cedar also did an interview about some great albums that influenced him.

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