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New Music Here - No Curation

So this is a list of music that has been submitted to me through conversations.

Sometimes, I have conversations with other music bloggers about the topic of curation.

One of those bloggers, J Moss of @themodernfolk or has a "No Curation" policy. You send it and he posts it.

As he puts it on the site:

MFOA is not a taste maker it is a place for presentation. i do tend to describe and say a few positive words about each submission. i accept the music i receive as an artifact of american folk culture, much like the spiritual forefathers of my site, people like john and alan lomax, harry smith, and other ethnomusicologists and folklorists would have.

I will continue to curate on the my blog, but I also want to open some non-corporate music space too.

Rules For Submissions

So, with one caveat, on this page, you submit me a link to your music on bandcamp, soundcloud, or youtube and I will post it here.

You can contact my via Twitter @OnPirateSat or by email

I may make a comment, I may just post it, I will separate by the month it is submitted, most recent will be first. I will listen to every link you submit to me.

Also, be patient, I listen to as much as I can as quickly as I can.

The Caveat - Do not submit music that is fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic or literally espouses violence etc. This is NOT censorship, you have every right to your opinion and art, but I have a right to not endorse it. In other words, this is my blog.

You can send things that have characters or narratives that respond to people with those views or that support those views as long as they are not calls to racist, sexist, homophobic, or violent action.

If I screw up and include something that violates those standards, please let me know and I will remove it.

So, here we go!

March 2017

Operation Neptune Spear

I met someone from a mysterious Twitter profile with a very cool avatar. One day, the Twitter machine sent me a link to this fun punk/drone album and I totally forgot about it. A few weeks later, the Operation Neptune Spear Twitter reminded me that I am a forgetful idiot.

Anyway, very cool album, enjoy it!

February 2017

ArA Harmonic

Surprising how good many of the blind submissions that I get end up being. Really interesting percussion and voices R&B track here. Reminds me of Erykah Badu and a little of Solange too.


Okay, here is a trippy call to action from Yuzima, interesting mix, almost sounds like the ghost in his machine is calling for us to hit the streets (a little bit of Flaming Lips feel to me).

January 2017

Vampire Stepdad

Cool soundtrack style synthwave stuff from "Vampire Stepdad." His embed isn't working on my site, but it is well worth clicking this link and checking out his stuff (you will feel like you have been transported to an 80's movie). Check his album out HERE.

December 2016

A nice fellow named Bret Lafty emailed me a link to two songs on one of his band "The Lafty Brothers" YouTube videos. Here is the video: 

July 2016

A very nice fellow named Dane Davenport wrote and asked to be included on this page, here is a link to his most recent album called Time, Space, and Paperclips. A little more on the laid back side than my usual stuff, but he has a very nice first--person confessional songwriting style. Enjoy!


February 2016


Garble wrote me and sent links to their last album Encrypted Zebra, they also mentioned that they were about to put out another album.

<a href="">Encrypted Zebra by Garble</a>

I liked the album, looking forward to hearing the new one :)! "Operate" is my fave tune so far.

January 2016

Naked Sunday

Tony Dutcher

<a href="">Frustration Station by Tony Dutcher</a>

Really cool album, some of the songs remind me a bit of Dinosaur Jr. (obviously without J.'s guitar). Got a really fun vibe throughout.


<a href="">Bound & Hagged by Godhanger</a>

Good early 90's feel, grungy and sludgy (in a good way!). Nirvana/Melvins/Mudhoney influence is obvious which is a good thing (all influenced me a bunch too).

Bill Mountain

Had a long chat with the drummer Tony, they are from "near" New Orleans and you can hear the Devo influence (which I love).

He also mentioned some other New Orleans bands he liked: Quintron and Miss Pussycat and Dummy Dumpster (if you contact me, I will include you as well).

C.M. Slenko

<a href="">Royal Blue Days by C. M. Slenko</a>

This is his current album Royal Blue Days. He also runs Sioux Trail Records which highlights pennslyvanian music. // lo-fi, diy, loud+soft.

Really nice guy, enjoyed the music.

The site for the label is

Molly Shannon Molly Shannon

<a href="">Night Language by Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon</a>

Another very nice person I talked to recently from Portlandia.

When people say "there is no good music anymore" I realize people just don't look beyond what is on TV, Apple, and radio.