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"Witness" Benjamin Booker


It is not often an artist writes an essay about the release of a song or an album but Benjamin Booker did exactly this with his new album Witness (2017, ATO Records).  In a sense what he talks about is writing from an inner-self that never feels the possibility of being free of the risk of violence (no matter how deeply it dives into itself or how far away it runs). 

This is the story of a self that ran to Mexico feeling he might be shot in the United States for the crime of being Black and then is actually physically assaulted in Mexico for the crime of being an American.

Booker decided to reconnect to his place (New Orleans) and to speak up and speak out.

The album and song Witness is the angry but triumphant result of his full journey.

This is a really powerful album mapping a great deal of pain and catharsis.

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