Spotify Playlist: "100 Cowards Moonbeam" (I Hate Radio)

The 100 Cowards Moonbeam Playlist (Spotify)

The odd names for my playlists are a tribute to the late great Captain Beefheart.

I put out new playlists every week (except when I don't). I try to emphasize new music, almost always music written by human beings who can play instruments (sometimes live). You can add me on Spotify if you like my playlists (there are a TON on my profile).

"I Hate Radio" is just my statement about the absolutely awful job commercial radio does to introduce listeners to new music or educate them about music period.

My blog started as a 'music-only' blog grounded in my love for The Clash ("on pirate satellite" is a lyric from the song 'This Is Radio Clash'). I use Spotify in the hopes that I can get bands that matter to me more plays (and more money). The more you listen, the more money these bands make (Click on the band name for their Bandcamp page).

Now, some additional information about the bands and songs on the Playlist.


1. Cowards Starve, Protomartyr, The Agent Intellect (2015 Hardly Art)

My favorite Detroit band is about to put out their new album "Relatives in Descent." This song is from their last album, which was one of my top 20 albums of 2015.

2. Vex, Chelsea Wolfe, Hiss Spun (2017 Sargent House)

This incredible song if from Chelsea's new album which was released last week. I have been a fan for a long time (her last album also made my 'best of' list a few years ago). 

3. Moonbeam, Modern English, Take Me To The Trees (2017, Self-Released)

I mean, I used to hate these guys. It wasn't their fault that they were remembered for just one song, but I was so tired of hearing that one song (so, so, tired). I was surprised how much I enjoyed this new album. Oh well, Mea Culpa Modern English.

4. 100 Years, Vagabon, Infinite Worlds (2017, Father/Daughter)

Just a great song on a great album. Don't just take my word for it, Stereogum agrees with me. Realy good band.

5. No Answer, Dreamdecay, Yu (2017, Iron Lung)

I have said many times before that I like my grunge to drink like Guinness (really dark and sludgy). Dreamdecay is my kind of band and I have been pushing their new album since it came out a few weeks ago.

6. Monsieur Automaton, Kagoule, Single (2017)

Apparently, this Kagoule song was written after watching Terminator 2. Oh, also, there last album Urth was quite good too.

7. Digital Age, Big Heet,  It's Not As Bad As You Think Compilation(2016)

Might be my favorite song on this entire playlist comes from the Tallahassee band Big Heet. I am really looking forward to their new album 'On A Wire' will be released soon on Exploding In Sound. Here is a taste.

8. Bone Meal, Lower Slaughter, What Big Eyes (2017, Box Records)

Another burner, hot off the presses. listened to this album several times last night and really enjoyed it. Don't know much about them yet, but I will learn.

9. Tooth & Fist, Washer, All Aboard (2017, Exploding in Sound)

Been a fan of Washer for many moons now. Anyone who listens to these playlists has heard several Washer songs over the past few years. Big fan of the new album as well.

10. Nervous, Wavves/Cloud Nothings, No Life For Me (2016, Ghost Ramp)

I love Cloud Nothings (not always 100% on Wavves) but I think 'No Life For Me' was underrated and it still stands up well.

11. Kid Kreative, Melkbelly, Nothing Valley (2017, Wax Nine)

Another band I don't know much about except that they hail from Chicago, sound great, and have interesting sleeve art. I like the song, so I promise to learn more later. 

12. I'm In A Brand, Rome Is Not A Town, Single (2017, Startracks)

Yup, another new band to me. I try to listen to at least seven new albums a week, can't know everybody (constant learning about new music is what I enjoy. I really like this song and the name of the song (which is what caught my eye). Oh, and Thurston Moore likes them (which is more than enough of an endorsement for me).

13. Time To Live, Ariel Pink, Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (2017, Mexican Summer)

Never been the biggest Ariel Pink fan but I absolutely LOVE this song. It has some Buggles, some DEVO, and lots of goofy fun too. Seriously great song. Bobby Jameson was a singer-songwriter who got pushed too hard too fast by a marketing campaign, failed, and who blogged about the experience as he fell into a deep depression (and ultimately passed away RIP). Anyway, I enjoyed this so much, I am going to go back and listen to older Ariel Pink stuff.

14. Alibi, Lowtide, Single (2017)

Lowtide is an Australian shoegaze band that reminds me a bit of Cocteau Twins (I keep trying to explain how great the Australian music scene is these days, it really is kind of insanely good). Beautiful song (and a really interesting counterpoint to the Chelsea Wolfe song IMHO).

15. Bike Dream, Rostam, Half-Light (2017, Nonsuch)

Start dark and end light.

A really beautiful song by Rostam, the now solo former member of Vampire Weekend. If this song is any indication, Half-Light should be a really good album. Reminds me a bit of the lighter side of Chris and Cosey (October love song for instance)

Okay, that;'s all I have, but here is a quick tribute to the late great Charles Bradley who passed away from cancer earlier this week. Rest in Peace 'Screaming Eagle of Soul.'

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