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"Sometimes It Snows In April" - A Prince Tribute Spotify Playlist

I have been a Prince fan most of my life (since Junior High School). 

Yesterday Spotify started streaming most of Prince's albums.

This is my "Sometimes It Snows In April" tribute playlist.

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Special: The "Goth Kid's Grandparents" Spotify Playlist

Once a month a do a special themed playlist, this month it is Gothic Rock from the 80's.

The playlist includes songs from Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox, Cocteau Twins, and many others.

Winter is coming, Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music! 

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Special Bonus "80's Club Friends" Spotify Playlist Part 1 (Halloween Edition)

So due to the massive interest in yesterday's playlist, I did a quick edit of "80's Club Friends Part One" the playlist that inspired me to release a sequel last night.

This one includes Big Audio Dynomite, Vicious Pink, Nitzer Ebb, Ministry, and many others!

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

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Special Bonus: "80's Club Friends Playlist Part 2 (Happy 1st Birthday #OPS)

This is the anniversary of the first playlist I ever put up on this blog. I figured I would return to the theme of the first playlist (80's Dance Club).

In addition, Pete Burns (Dead or Alive) passed away this week, and I met him when I was a club DJ and promoter way back in the 80's (RIP).

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

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Special Bonus "Women 2016 To The Front" #Spotify Playlist

This is a special bonus #Spotify playlist from me to you.

It features ONLY songs from women singers released in 2016 (so far).

Explore, Enjoy, and Share new music!

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Flaming Lips #Spotify Playlist: I Remember A Broken Radio

Once a month I do a deep dive #Spotify playlist into a band that is important to me.

This week it is the band we used to call our hometown band when I was in High School and College, The Flaming Lips.

I am calling the playlist  "I Remember A Broken Radio" Enjoy and #ShareNewMusic

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R.E.M. #Spotify Playlist: Cuyahoga Camera

Once a month I try to put together a playlist from a Classic band that had a big impact on my life and has the discography to provide enough songs for a good list.

This month's special playlist features the incredibly prolific Athens Georgia band R.E.M.


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#Spotify Special Playlist: The Ybor City Experience (Hold Steady Tribute)

A bonus playlist for Friday. A quick tribute to The Hold Steady (since we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of Boys and Girls In America).


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