Special: The "Goth Kid's Grandparents" Spotify Playlist

The "Goth Kid's Grandparents" Playlist


Every week I put out a playlist that functions like a mixed tape. Once a month I do a "special" playlist that features an artist, a time-period, or a genre in a time-period. 

Last month I did 80's Dance Club but this month I figured I should cover another genre I am knowledgeable about "Gothic Rock."

I did this particular playlist because as Henry Rollins once said, "November is a great month to listen to Joy Division" (also because someone posted a link to a Sisters of Mercy song on Twitter that got me jumping down this rabbit hole).

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If you read on, I add details and Easter Eggs below, just click on the highlighted band names.

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The Songs (with Easter Eggs)


1. A Short Term Effect, The Cure, Pornography (Fiction, 1982)

2. Lucretia My Reflection, Sisters of Mercy, Floodland (Elektra, 1987)

3. Assimilate, Skinny Puppy, Bites (Nettwerk, 1985)

4. Terror Couple Kill Colonel, Bauhaus, Press the Eject and Give Me The Tape (4AD, 1982)

5. Figurative Theater, Christian Death, Only Theater of Pain (Frontier, 1982)

6. A day, Clan of Xymox, Clan of Xymox (4AD, 1985)

7.  Hizbollah, Ministry, Land of Rape and Honey (Sire, 1988)

8. Incubus Succubus II, Xmal Deutschland, Tocsin (4AD, 1984) 

9. The Spangle Maker, Cocteau Twins, The Spangle Maker EP (4AD, 1984)

10. Nocturnal Me, Echo & The Bunnymen, Ocean Rain (Sire, 1984)

11. Respect, The Wolfgang Press, The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall Stories (4AD, 1985)

12. See You, Depeche Mode, A Broken Frame (Sire, 1982)

13. Dear Prudence, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Hyaena (Geffen, 1984)

14. Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division, Single (Factory, 1980)

Wrapping Up


I feel a bit odd putting the most stereotypical Joy Division song on the list, but it is without question the song that fits the genre the best (it was, after all, a doom and gloom response to the sunshine and flowers song by Captain and Tenille "Love Will Keep Us Together").

Around this time, I managed to get Skinny Puppy kicked out of a party. I attended the party with SP and managed to offend the people (yuppies) who owned the house in Dallas and next thing you know, we are all kicked out of the house. They were surprisingly understanding (it wasn't a very good party). Anyway, I spent several hours talking to Dwayne Goettel that night, he was a really great guy. Sadly, he died in 1995. 

I also apologize if anyone is offended that I included Christian Death. I myself am a Christian. I have always seen the band as a commentary on Christianity and its practice. I am always open to this kind of discussion (music is, or can be, a form of discursive communication). Anyway, this particular album, with Rozz Williams singing, is a favorite.

The Spangle Maker always makes me smile. What an amazingly odd and deliciously different kind of band Cocteau Twins were.

I wrote an entire blog post on the Echo and the Bunnymen Ocean Rain album. 

I am pretty sure that Hyaena is the Siouxsie and the Banshees album that Robert Smith (The Cure) played on.

I could obviously have included more artists and if there is enough demand, I will put out a part 2.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the playlist. Remember, new playlists here every Tuesday. My best songs of 2016 list should be coming in a few weeks.

What was your favorite song on the playlist?

Do you have any good stories about any of the bands included?

Who is your favorite South Park Goth kid (yes they have names, duh)?

Let me know, leave a comment!

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