R.E.M. #Spotify Playlist: Cuyahoga Camera

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I make all kinds of playlists. Every Thursday I release a playlist that mixes artists old and brand new. Those playlists are called "Pirate Transmission Playlists." Sometimes I make YouTube playlists to emphasize a band that had quality videos.

About once a month, I try to make a playlist that highlights a classic band and their complete discography. So far, I have released a "The Cure" playlist and a "Hold Steady" playlist. 

Today I am releasing my R.E.M. Playlist. As you might remember, Reckoning is one of the albums' I put in my All-Time Album series. As much as I am originally a punk rock guy, I have always had a soft spot for R.E.M. (yes, that is in spite of Michael Stipe's current Cthulhu Beard).

Anyway, it is easy to forget how massive R.E.M.'s discography is. Hopefully, this playlist helps remind people of all the amazing early work this band released. I purposely left "Losing Me Religion" off of the playlist. Sorry, was played to death for me during the 90's.

The "Cuyahoga Camera" R.E.M. Spotify Playlist

Anyway, not going to list out all of the songs and add links. This list is way too long and detailed. I hope you truly enjoy the playlist. I have many good memories of all of these songs.

Most of the playlist is done chronologically, but I put my favorite early R.E.M. song out of order at the beginning and my favorite late R.E.M. song at the end. I probably gave short shrift to some of the later albums, but I assume that those are the albums most people have played the most.

Did I mention that you should enjoy? Enjoy!

Tell me what you think of the Cuyahoga Camera playlist, leave a comment!

By R.E.M.