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Hallelujah (The Hills): My Interview with Ryan H. Walsh

Very happy to present my interview with Ryan H. Walsh of the band Hallelujah the Hills.

I am a huge fan, and I think if you check them out, you will become a huge fan too!

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

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R.E.M. #Spotify Playlist: Cuyahoga Camera

Once a month I try to put together a playlist from a Classic band that had a big impact on my life and has the discography to provide enough songs for a good list.

This month's special playlist features the incredibly prolific Athens Georgia band R.E.M.


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#Spotify Special Playlist: The Ybor City Experience (Hold Steady Tribute)

A bonus playlist for Friday. A quick tribute to The Hold Steady (since we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of Boys and Girls In America).


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I Hate Maroon 5 - "Rockist" Or Right?

I hate Maroon 5 - not personally - just the music. Does this make me a "Rockist" or just right? 

I am asking my followers or visitors to read my argument and vote here by leaving a comment or on the Twitter Poll pinned to my profile. 

This new feature will generally appear every Wednesday and I will report on the final voting every week. Enjoy!

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