#Spotify Special Playlist: The Ybor City Experience (Hold Steady Tribute)

A "Hold Steady" Playlist?

Usually, I do an album of the week feature on Fridays. I liked lots of albums this week but none really knocked me out. I had no better idea of what to write today and I was thinking about just mailing it in (I know, it would have been a national catastrophe).

So, I am driving around last night and put "Boys and Girls In America" by the Hold Steady into the CD Player (yes, I still have CD's) and eureka, I had a new idea. Why not put together a playlist of all my favorite Hold Steady songs (it ended up being "many" not "all" of my favorites).

Look, no matter what you think of American Rock and Roll, "Boys and Girls in America" is an AMAZING Rock and Roll Record. One of those rare albums that contain no weak songs and makes you sing along from start to finish.

I will not make the argument that the rest of The Hold Steady catalog is as strong as "BAGIA" but they have written some other great songs (in fairness, I could have added every song). I won't lie, I struggled a bit to find many songs after the "Stay Postive" album to include (I attribute this to Franz Nicolay's departure from the band in 2010 - luckily he is back now).

I originally wanted to make this a YouTube playlist, but most of the Hold Steady's stuff isn't set up for sharing on YouTube (so Spotify it is). 

This playlist is perfect for driving around with your windows open (or the top down), for cookouts, and for contemplating the mysteries of The Hold Steady's obsession with Tampa Bay's Ybor city area. I guess you could also contemplate how Craig Finn gets so much out of talk-singing with a narrow band of range (but he really does make a huge impact). 

I will detail the songs below the playlist, but I won't do hyperlinks to them this time. Here is one for fun, Pitchfork did a tribute article.

The Ybor City Experience #Spotify Playlist - Just Hit Play

The Song List

1. Lord, I'm Discouraged, The Hold Steady, Stay Positive

2. Stuck Between Stations, The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls In America

3. Sequestered In Memphis,  The Hold Steady, Stay Postive

4. Slapped Actress, The Hold Steady, Stay Positive

5. First Night, The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls In America

6. Constructive Summer, The Hold Steady, Stay Positive

7. Chips Ahoy, The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls In America

8. Massive Nights, The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls In America

9. Our Whole Lives, The Hold Steady, Heaven is Wherever

10. Your Little Hoodrat Friend, The Hold Steady, Separation Sunday

11. Spinners, The Hold Steady, Teeth Dreams

12. Certain Songs, The Hold Steady, Almost Killed Me

Well, that's it. Sure it is heavy on Boys and Girls In America and Stay Postive but those are amazing albums (I would have included one of the bonus tracks from Stay Positive but Spotify doesn't have them). Maybe should have included "Positive Jam?"

Boys and Girls in America
By The Hold Steady

What did you think of my Hold Steady Playlist? Let me know, leave a comment!