Special Bonus "Women 2016 To The Front" #Spotify Playlist

Special Bonus Women Singers 2016 #Spotify Playlist?

One of the groups I belong to on Reddit challenges people to put together new themed playlists every month.

This month, the challenge theme was "women singers."

I decided it would be more fun to limit my entry to a playlist made up ONLY of songs sung by women and produced in 2016 (since there have been so many amazing albums released by all-woman bands and bands with women singers this year). While most people might not know these singers and bands, most of them are famous women singers to me.

This will replace my usual tribute playlist for this month (and yes, some of the songs were on other playlists, but this was a challenge).

So, as usual, I will start with the playlist version and follow with a list of the songs with Easter Eggs.

I included the trailer for the new L7 Documentary because L7 kick ass and because I cannot wait to see the Documentary (I saw them a ton of times and even met them a few times back in the day).

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The "Women 2016 To The Front" Spotify Playlist

The Songs From My List Of Women Singers


1. Adore, Savages, Adore Life (2016)

2. Your Best American Girl, Mitski, Puberty 2 (2016)

3. Loincloth, Kino Kimino, Bait if for Sissies (2016) 

4. Murdered Out, Kim Gordon, Single (2016)

5. Just Like I, Xenia Rubinos, Black Terry Cat (2016)

6. Rollin' Upside Down Rollin', Moon City Boys, I Need More (2016)

7. Nobody Dies, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, A Man Alive (2016)

8. Full Of It, Summer Cannibals, Full Of It (2016)

9. Never Be Mine, Angel Olsen, My Woman (2016)

10. 333, Against Me, Shape Shift With Me (2016)

11. You and I, Margaret Glaspy, Emotions and Math (2016)

12. I Don't Want To Be Funny Anymore, Lucy Dacus, No Burden (2016)

Unfortunately, the requirement for the playlist was 8-12 songs only. If I had been allowed, I would also have included songs from:

  • Lithics (Portland Post-Punk, not on Spotify but awesome)
  • WALL
  • Childbirth
  • Subrosa
  • Lisa Prank
  • The Coathangers
  • Mothers
  • Nots
  • Katy Goodman and Greta Morgan

The songs I chose were chosen for feel and fit. All of those artists released amazing work this year! I am sure I forgot a ton of people I liked this year (keeping track of the wall of music I listen to can be hard). I try to keep up a pretty serious punk rock music blog but every once in awhile, I forget a thing or two.

One note, I have really grown fond of the music and performance of Charles Bradley. If you get a chance you should listen to his music and read his story (pretty moving). Sadly, Charles was just diagnosed with cancer. All my hopes and prayers are with Charles and his family and friends in hopes for a quick recovery!

Okay, another playlist down!

What songs did you like?

Who did I miss? 

What would your "women of 2016" #Spotify playlist look like?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment!