The "Sofa King Birdland" Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The "Sofa King Birdland" Spotify Playlist


Every Tuesday (or Monday night) I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment. You can "Just Hit Play" or check out the song list below for Easter Eggs about the bands.  

Last week's playlist was my “999 Robots Unite” playlist, you can listen to it HERE.

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The Songs


1. Birdland, The Afghan Whigs, In Spades (Sub Pop, 2017)

Been an AW fan for about as long as there has been an AW. Really happy they are still making albums! Kudos to Greg Dulli and the guys!

2. Lemme Know, Vince Staples, Summertime '06 (Def Jam, 2015)

One of my favorite albums of 2015 and one of my favorite hip-hop artists going (despite the fact that he once accused me - correctly - of being a Portishead fan..that's a true story).

3. call the police, LCD Soundsystem, Single (Colombia/Interference Pattern, 2017)

My favorite part of the recent LCD performance on Saturday Night Live was keyboardist Nancy Whang's T-Shirt game (she wore two really funny anti-Trump t-shirts).

4. Sofa King, Danger Doom, The Mouse and the Mask (Epitath Records, 2005)

Q: How can you go wrong with MF Doom and Dangermouse? A: You can't (plus Doom name drops "23 Skidoo" on this song which is pretty awesome

5. No Shade, Wavves, You're Welcome (Ghost Ramp, 2017)

I have not explicitly included Wavves despite including a ton of songs by their buddies Cloud Nothings. Apologies here is new a Wavves song. There is also a truth bomb from the band on their label site.

6.  Mr. Investigator, Ex-Cult, Negative Growth (In The Red Records, 2016)

Look, I don't know why Ex-Cult aren't bigger, stars I love them. I suspect it has something to do with the lack of promotion? I dunno, great band (personal favorite is Cigarette Machine).

7.  Silver, Waxahatchee, Out In The Storm (Merge Records, 2017)

A new Waxahatchee album is on its way, which is good, I am a huge fan of Katie Crutchfield (Allison too).

8. When You're a Star, Juliana Hatfield, Pussycat (Amercian Laundromat Records, 2017)

I have always been a very loyal Juliana Hatfield fan...and as a fan, I have to admit, this song made me really sad. Apparently, it is a song about the Bill Cosby disaster. 

9.  I Don't Like You, The Regrettes, Feel Your Feelings Fool (Warner Brothers, 2017)

Just ran into this album and liked it, looking forward to checking out their catalog.

10. Your Dark Sunglasses Won't Make You Lou Reed, Bill Baird, Earth into Aether (Talk Show Records, 2016)

I have to admit that I am pretty sad that Bill is right about this (well except for the fact that I wouldn't currently want to be Lou Reed because he is kind of dead - RIP).

11. Cracks and Creases, Serengeti, Kaleidoscope EP (Joyful Noise, 2017)

Another band I just found, like this tune, interesting stylistically.

12. Alan, Perfume Genius, No Shape (Matador Records, 2017)

Might be my favorite album of 2017 so far. I already was a big Mike Hadreas fan, but this album has taken it to a new level. 

Closing Time


Another week and another playlist down. Hope you enjoyed it!

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