The "999 Robots Unite" Spotify Playlist (I Hate Radio)

The "999 Robots Unite" Spotify Playlist

First, my sincerest apologies because this playlist was over a week late.

I had surgery last week and then had surgery complications this week. Suffice to say, it has not been my favorite few weeks.

Most Every Tuesday I put out a new curated playlist for your listening enjoyment (last week was the first one that I missed in over a year). You can "Just Hit Play" or check out the song list below for Easter Eggs about the bands.  

Two week's ago, my playlist was my "Sweet Whiteout Moon” playlist, you can listen to it HERE.

And, as always, Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

The Songs


1. Lucky Ones, Kweku Collins, Grey (2017)

I am a pretty big Kweku fan, this new album has a bit more vocal effects than I personally like, but I still am enjoying it. If you never checked out his last album "Nat Love" you really missed out.

2. Unite to Fight, Killarmy, Dirty Weaponry (Priority Records, 1998)

Keeping my alternative Hip-Hop stuff rolling here. All Hail the Wu!

3. The Robots - 3-D, Kraftwerk, The Robots 3-D Single (Parlophone, 2017)

I have pushed for Kraftwerk to be in the Rock Hall of Fame for a number of years now. In my opinion, they predicted and pioneered modern music (for the good and for the bad). This is a new remix. I am excited about the new box set.

4. 999, Future Punx, Single (Dull Tools, 2014)

Found this band randomly but I will find out more about them and listen to more of their stuff soon.

5. Blindness, The Fall, Fall Heads Roll (Narnack Records, 2005)

I haven't put many Fall songs on my playlists, not sure I can explain well. Mea Culpa Mark E. Smith.

6. No Accent, DIAT, Pick a Line (Iron Lung Records, 2012)

I was really high on DIAT's 2015 album (Positive Energy), this earlier album (Pick a Line) is pretty great too.

7. Lethal Look, CFM, Dichotomy Desaturated (In The Red Records, 2017)

What a fun song, another real ripper, right in my wheelhouse.  

8. It's O.K., Dead Moon, What a Way To See The Old Girl Go (Voodoo Donuts Records, 2017)

Don't usually work in many live songs, but I felt like this song really fit well here. The song is also a band just having a blast, which is the way it should be.

9. Squatting in Heaven, Black Lips,  Satan's Graffiti or God's Art? (Vice Records, 2017)

Another band that I have liked for years but have never included on my playlists. Mea Culpa.

10. Real Good Case of the Bads, Yucky Duster, Yucky Duster (Infinity Cat Recordings, 2016)

I have always liked this kind of "extreme" first-person songs. 

11. Don't Be Sad, Joey Agresta, Let's Not Talk About Music (Wharf Cat Records, 2017)

I have already heard this album (which comes out on 5/12)...It is really good. 

12. Wave Goodbye, Desert Mountain Tribe, If You Don't Know, Can You Don't Know EP (Metropolis Records, 2017)

The return of Desert Mountain Tribe, always been a fan :)

13. Young Up, Feist, Pleasure (Polydor Records, 2017)

Leslie Feist is, and always will be, okay with me. Glad she is taking a more lo-fi approach these days. Have always loved her stuff, welcome back!

Closing Time


Hope you enjoyed the playlist!

I call my site "On Pirate Satellite" because of the song "This is Radio Clash" by The Clash

The crazy names of the playlists were inspired by Captain Beefheart.

Have a great week!