A. Savage’s Home Court Advantage (Denton Texas)

Welcome To Denton "Home of Happiness"


Most people probably think Andrew Savage (singer and guitarist for Parquet Courts) is from Brooklyn but while he lives in Brooklyn, he is actually from Denton Texas. Before I go any further, let me quickly dispel the rumors. Parquet Courts are not breaking up.

Denton has a rich musical history running from 80’s bands like Brave Combo and 10 Hands through my personal favorites Centro-Matic and Tripping Daisy. Denton is also the long time home of one of the best college jazz programs in the country and is also home to the Baptist Generals, Baboon (another personal favorite), Neon Indian, and was home to Roy Orbison.

Oddly enough, I was born in Manhattan and went to college in Denton. I also worked at the University of North Texas for about 8 years in the 90’s (presumably while Andrew was probably in elementary school). Anyway, I played in and managed bands in Denton myself and my connection to Denton is what got me interested in Parquet Courts way back when I first read that they had members from the area.

This probably explains why I was excited to include the newly released single “Winter in the South” on my “Pop Rocks Skylight” playlist this week (I also needed a bit of twang as the lead-in to the Guantanamo Baywatch rockabilly tune).

For the record, my favorite Parquet Courts album is Sunbathing Animal. They have always reminded me of a bit less-adventurous but still plenty interesting Pavement.

Okay, that is enough nostalgia.

Andrew Savage is releasing a new solo album under the name “A. Savage” (accompanied by a band on the road that he is calling ‘The Famous Narcs’ which includes Payton Green, who is also from Denton). The album will be called “Thawing Down” and will be released on his own Dull Tools label on October 13th (oddly enough, Dull Tools is also home to the band Pill, who I featured on last week’s playlist).

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