The KVB, Music for the Coding of Dreams - Fixation/White Walls (2017, Invada)

Music for Dream Programmers


No musical paint has time to dry around Nicholas Wood (Klaus Von Barell) and Kat Day aka the London duo who are collectively known as the KVB. The KVB released many EPs, several singles, and 7 full albums since 2010 which would represent a pretty impressive output for just about any band.

On the Fixation/White Walls project, they sound like peak Gary Numan mixed with some Depeche Mode and Chris and Cosey. There is also a video game electronic lo-fi feel to their music too but somehow it all still feels oddly cinematic (like the soundtrack to some fantastic 80’s sci-fi movie like Liquid Sky or like a more minimalist album from Jean Michelle Jarre)

Their newest EP (or collection?) is called Fixation/White Walls (2017, Invada) and I found it fascinating enough to pick the song Alarms to use as a lead into the new Nine Inch Nails single on my "Pop Rocks Skylight" playlist (click or see below) because I felt the songs slow build of intensity and its retro dark-retro feel was the perfect lead-in to a song about watching the apocalypse. White Walls/Fixation is made up of two songs followed by three different versions of an excellent third song (White Walls).  

If you notice romanticism in the feel of the music, that might be because Wood and Day have been a couple for at least 6 years and they have commented on how the relationship often seeps into the music I found listening to the KVB the most interesting  when I turned the lights out and listened in total darkness and went to sleep.

Also, it turns out they approved of my title (which is pretty cool):

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