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Halt and Catch Fire Season 3: The Complete #OPS Guide

Binge-Watch the third season of Halt and Catch Fire (one of the best written and acted shows on AMC) with these in-depth companion pieces. 


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Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord? "Hacking Robot" and other news

Keeping you up to date on all of the significant Mr. Robot news prior to the premier of Season 2 on July 13th.

Remember "Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord" is the name of my recaps which will be appearing here after the premier as well.


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Bill Simmons: Any Given Wednesday + Dave Grohl

Bill Simmons new show "Any Given Wednesday" aired for the first time this week. 

My thoughts and a comparison between Simmons and Dave Grohl


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Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord: The #MrRobot "DEC0D3D" Special

On Monday night, after WWE's RAW, the USA Network broadcast a Mr. Robot special called DEC0D3D. 

These are my thoughts about the special. 


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Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord? Thoughts On Recent Season 2 News

Another collection of news and information designed to get you ready for Season 2 of Mr. Robot on the USA Network and for my weekly recaps.

Mr. Robot Season 2 Premiers on July 13, 2016


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Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord?: Kor Adana + Mr. Robot

This is my first transmission on Mr. Robot for 2016. 

1) I got a response from series consultant and writer Kor Adana that I wanted to share about the use of music in the series

2) I wanted to share what will be the new name of the recap "Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord"

Enjoy! And get ready for Season 2 (coming this Summer)


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Vinyl (HBO) Episode 9: 2 + 2 = "Record Man"

This is my recap of Episode 9 of HBO's drama Vinyl. They called this episode "Rock and Roll Queen."

I am calling it 2 + 2 = "Record Man"

In this week's episode, Richie decides to come clean to some and becomes truly visible to others, Devon makes important choices, and The Nasty Bits get, well, Nasty.

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