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Reflections From A Black Mirror: A Quick Response to Kathryn VanAryndonk

Black Mirror is a very controversial and often disturbing show. 

Kathryn VanAryndonk wrote a recent article criticizing Black Mirror, I think she made some really interesting arguments but I disagree with her central point almost entirely.

This is my respectful answer to her very well-written article.

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Mr. Robot vs. the Criticism of Matt Zoller Seitz

This is my long-promised post answering the season-long and ongoing criticism of Mr. Robot by critic Matt Zoller Seitz (Vulture).


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Vinyl (HBO) Episode 9: 2 + 2 = "Record Man"

This is my recap of Episode 9 of HBO's drama Vinyl. They called this episode "Rock and Roll Queen."

I am calling it 2 + 2 = "Record Man"

In this week's episode, Richie decides to come clean to some and becomes truly visible to others, Devon makes important choices, and The Nasty Bits get, well, Nasty.

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