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Action Time Vision: A Story of UK Independent Punk 1976-1979 (Cherry Red Records)

Cherry Red Records recently released a box-set of hard to find early UK punk rock classics called Action Time Vision.

If you love punk music or are interested in the history of punk and post-punk music, you will love this 111 song box-set (it is awesome).


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"Blog Mischief" Playlist - #OPS Throw-Down 4/24/2016

This is my Saturday YouTube playlist, I tried to focus mostly on fun songs today. 

Lots of old fun friends like the Dead Milkmen and Mojo Nixon!

Enjoy, Explore, and Celebrate Music!

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Rock Ain't Dead: #OPSThrowdown Playlist

Every Friday and Saturday I do what I call an #OPSThrowdown.

Basically, I try to create a string of videos around a theme entirely spontaneously. Now that I have a YouTube channel, I am posting them on Google+, YouTube (as a playlist), and linking them here.

Today's theme was "Rock Ain't Dead" + includes videos from Destruction Unit, Greys, La Misma, and Hallelujah The Hills.


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The One Where I Endorse Most Of Rolling Stone's Modern Punk List (sigh)

I love that Rolling Stone is encouraging people to explore more punk music. I even endorse many of the entries on their recent "10 Modern Punk Bands" list.

Here are links to many of those artists and several more that I recommend you check out too.

As always, Explore, Discover, and Enjoy!

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Vinyl (HBO) Episode 9: 2 + 2 = "Record Man"

This is my recap of Episode 9 of HBO's drama Vinyl. They called this episode "Rock and Roll Queen."

I am calling it 2 + 2 = "Record Man"

In this week's episode, Richie decides to come clean to some and becomes truly visible to others, Devon makes important choices, and The Nasty Bits get, well, Nasty.

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Pirate Transmission 1: Haunted Faith Attack

Pirate Transmission #1: Haunted Faith Attack

This post includes my weekly playlist, an explanation of my rebranding of my playlists, my site manifesto, and much more information about the bands included.

This week, my playlist includes Frankie Cosmos, Stars, The Saints, No Age, Cloud Nothings, Black Mountain and many others. 

As always, ENJOY + Explore!

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Vinyl (HBO) Episode 8: Music Lessons for the "Record Man"

This is my Episode 8 Recap of Vinyl (HBO). I call it Music Lessons for the "Record Man"

This week we learn about traditional chord progressions, Chuck Berry, Johnny Thunders, and Richard Hell. Meanwhile, Richie joins the cast of Goodfella's and Serpico while still fantasizing about Conway Twitty.


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Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (Warner Brothers, 1978)

Every Wednesday I post an All-Time Album.

This week's pick is DEVO's "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO"

Come on pinheads and spuds, enjoy!

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LA Weekly's Punk Rock Fantasy

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Ramones album Ramones and also the rise of punk rock in London. Unfortunately, this has caused the punk rock haters to come out of the woodwork to mock punk rock's ultimate impact on music as a whole.

One of these punk rock "hater" articles  was published by LA Weekly, this is my response to that and most of the others.

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