Rock Ain't Dead: #OPSThrowdown Playlist

Every week I do a series of Google+ posts called #OPSThrowdowns. Now that I have a YouTube channel I am recreating them on my Youtube channel too. 

The whole idea of Throwdowns is to find a theme and use YouTube videos to put together a "Stream of Consciousness" collection around that theme. They are supposed to be spontaneous and fun. 

You can see them here, click on my YouTube Channel, or go to Google+ and search for #OPSThrowdown. You can see all the different collections by searching #OPSThrowdown on Google+ and from now on, you can check my YouTube channel or look here.

Here you go:

What is on the Throwdown today?

1. SHEER MAG - III (The Full Album)

2. RVIVR - Wrong Way/One Way

3. Destruction Unit - Salvation

4. Downtown Boys - Wave of History

5. La Misma - Live

6. Grey's - Guy Picciotto

7. Youth Code - Carried Mask

8. Fear of Men - Island

9. Hallelujah the Hills - We Have The Perimeter Surrounded

10. Hunx and His Punx - You Think You're Tough

11. Guerilla Toss - Diamond Girls

Lots of fun, the theme of the Throwdown was "Rock Ain't Dead" - I try to change the themes every week. New Throwdown tomorrow.

How do you like the playlists and different formats? Any artists you would recommend? I love when the comments section becomes a recommendation engine, so leave a comment with some of your favorite bands that fit the theme!