"Blog Mischief" Playlist - #OPS Throw-Down 4/24/2016

The Saturday #OPS Playlist

Every Friday and Saturday I put together Playlists for Google+ using my YouTube channel, one day later I put them on the blog. 

This theme of this one was highlighting some foreign punk bands and also some bands that were just fun and funny. I included Smashing Pumpkins because I love that song and because I wrote about Billy Corgan on the site this week.

Sometimes, my themes are not exactly "tight" conceptually.

As always, "Just Hit Play" or stick around and read more about the artists by clicking on the artist or band's name below!

The Songs

1. Smashing Pumpkins, Mayonaise, Siamese Dream

2. Not On Tour, Maybe One Day, Bad Habits

3. Deposit Man, Tyranny, Deposit Man EP

4. Mojo Nixon, Burn Down The Malls, Frenzy

5. The Dead Milkmen, Punk Rock Girl, Death Rides a Pale Cow

6. Dread Zeppelin, Heartbreaker, Bootleg

7. The Clash, Rock The Casbah, Combat Rock

8. The Darkness, I Believe In A Thing Called Love, 

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