The Complete #OPS Guide To Vinyl (HBO) Season 1

This is just an easy consolidation of all the writing I did for Season 1 of Vinyl in chronological order. Just pick up wherever you are in the series and click! 

Vinyl (HBO) Three Reasons I am Excited For The Premier

I wrote this before I had even decided that I was going to recap the show. I had talked to a few music blogging compatriots and asked if they wanted to do a discussion series after each episode. Nobody ever really got on board, so I started (after this article) to think about just doing my own series of recaps. Read all about it by clicking HERE

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 1: Darkness at the Heart of "Record Man"

The Recap that started it all. This was the pilot which was directed by Martin Scorsese and that featured a really great appearance by Andrew "Dice" Clay (shocked me too). You can read where the madness all started by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 2: "Record Man" on Fire

Another of my favorite episodes from Season One. In particular, I liked this recap and episode because it allowed me to talk about both Jerry Lee Lewis, Aimee Mann, and Karen Carpenter (a really good drummer among other things). You can read my recap by clicking HERE.

5 Reasons why Vinyl (HBO) is Awesome

I wrote this when I was first starting to get the feeling people were not giving the show a fair shake (IMHO). A basic defense of the things I loved about the first few episodes. You can read my early defense of the show by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 3: "Record Man" vs Music Man

They say all stories are really about a limited number of possible things. In this one, we see Richie start to lose his battle of Richie against himself. Also, Howlin' Wolf and Alice Cooper make appearances. You can read this recap by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO): When Being "Rockist" Ain't Wrong!

This was my response to a criticism of the Pilot that the show was about Rock music snobbery. I, of course, vociferously disagreed! You can read my refutation by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 4: "Record Man's" Christmas Goulet

This has been the third most popular of the recaps and one of my favorites too. It is one of my favorites because one of the featured artists was Charlie Wilson of GAP Band fame and we went to the same High School. At the end of the recap, I explain some of that history. You can read all about it by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO): Meet The Ghosts

One of the devices that the show used throughout its first season run was to use particular figures in music history to "haunt" Richie and the other characters in ways that gave us a deeper understanding of plot points. This was my rundown of the "Ghost" characters up until Episode 5. You can read about the ghosts by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 5: "Record Man" Shows His True Colors

Pretty proud of this one, I uncovered some stuff the other bloggers and professional writers missed. This has ended up the second most popular of my recaps to date. You can check it out by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 6: A "Record Man" of Wealth and Taste

My personal favorite episode of the show (Cyclone) and my favorite recap. I called this episode one of the two best hours of television that I had seen all year (along with Ep. 7 of Mr. Robot). You can read my recap by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Magical Unicorns + the NYT

This is the first time that I officially took on the mainstream critics and criticisms of Vinyl. I have gotten to know many of the other recappers and writers over the season and some were awesome while others seemed to be barely watching the show at all. You can read my post by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 7: "Record Man's Needle and the Damage Done

One of my favorite recaps, I cover the subject of Richie Finestra's addiction and my feelings about the shows portrayal of addiction. This is also the Elvis episode. You can read it by clicking HERE

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 8: Music Lessons for the "Record Man"

This has turned out to be the most popular recap in my entire Vinyl series and covered the incredible EAB episode. You can read it by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO): HBO Fires Spring In Winter For Vinyl

This was my reaction to HBO firing show-runner Terence Winter two weeks before the finale (I was not pleased). You can read my reaction by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 9: 2 + 2 = "Record Man"

This was the episode about Zac and Richie finally fall out, I tried to see if anyone would catch the Zac joke/easter egg I built into one of the headers, but nobody has mentioned it yet. Read this recap by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO) Episode 10: Zelig, Carnac, or "Record Man"

This was the Season One finale, where the series and I tied up all of the threads and thinking from the entire 10 episode run. A recap so great, I had to write it twice (sigh).  Read it by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO): Rockist Or Right

Since I seemed to like the show more than most critics, figured I would ask if my love was justified. The vote ends next week. Read the post by clicking HERE.

Vinyl (HBO): Is Richie Finestra A Murderer

By far, the question I am asked the most is "Why do you call Richie a murderer?" Here is my comprehensive answer. You can read my explanation by clicking HERE.

In Conclusion

So, that was a TON of writing. Probably one of the most ambitious writing projects that I have ever undertaken. But, get ready, because Episode 2 of Mr. Robot is coming up soon! 

The name of my Mr. Robot recaps is "Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord" look for them in a few months! And of course, next year Vinyl Season 2.

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