Juxtaposition: Beyonce + Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's + Soulja Boy in "Hold Up"


I have never been a huge Beyonce fan, but for some reason, I watched Lemonade last night.

Have to admit that it was pretty much greatness. Honestly...Truly...Fascinating and Powerful.

At times, it was profound and often jaw-dropping both visually and musically. I didn't like every song but respect her for being so far-ranging (she even tried a country track) and thoughtful. There was some very deep stuff happening on the special.

The special (HBO) is a gut-punch, it is Beyonce confronting her wide panoply of feelings around her husband's infidelities through song. Every song seems to reflect a particular strain of emotion from anger to revenge to reconciliation.

The words and poetry chosen is at times as stunning as the imagery.

As I have said before, I like "cover" versions that drastically change the feel of the original version of a song. While "Hold Up" isn't technically a cover of MAPS by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's, it is at least an homage. The song also channels Soulja Boy. Here are links to the three videos (click on the screen, it will take you to the videos).

Beyonce's "Hold Up"

Not sure I have seen anyone look so graceful laying into cars with a bat before in high Couture, but why would I? She takes the plea and turns it into an "are you f'n kidding me?" protest. In other words, it is a plea - like a "how could you" - combined with "do you know who I am" swag and revenge.

And here is MAPS by Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's

That is the video that really put Yeah Yeah Yeah's on the map, and the emotional urgency is awesome. I have always felt this version is more of a plea from deep hope than a protest.

Finally, Soulja Boy with Tell Em' Turn My Swag On

Makes sense in this context, because if you combine the plea of Maps with the celebration of Soulja Boy you get Hold Up, which is more shock and awe, but shock and awe within swag.

You can learn more about the influences on the album by Clicking HERE

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What did you think of Lemonade? What were your favorite tracks? Let me know, leave a comment.