Halt and Catch Fire Season 3: The Complete #OPS Guide

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At the end of every season that I recap, I put together a unified collection of all of my articles and recaps so it is easier for people to jump right to the content that they want to read.

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I plan to put out the guide to the rest of my Game of Thrones writing once I finish the current series I am writing about The World of Ice and Fire.

Sadly, not much left to share about #BlueMohawkGuy (but sad that he did not become "a thing").

And now, the OPS guide to Halt and Catch Fire Season Three.

The Complete #OPS Guide to Season 3 of Halt and Catch Fire

Here we go, all of my articles from this season of HACF


Season Three Episode One: "Valley of the Heart's Delight"


During this episode, we meet Ryan, we find out what Joe is up to, we see Gordon struggling mightily with his brain disease, and everyone is settling in after the move to San Francisco.

Season Three Episode Two: "One Way Or Another"


On this episode, we get to see how fun it was for women to acquire venture capital during the 80's. We also get deeper into the relationship between Joe and Gordon and Cantwell and Rogers wink slyly at Mr. Robot.

Season Three Episode Three: "Flipping The Switch"


On this episode, Gordon channels his inner Talking Heads soundtrack, Joe channels his inner Gary Numan soundtrack and Ryan channels his inner David Bowie soundtrack.  

Season Three Episode Four: "Rules of Honorable Play"


On this episode, Gordon returns to an awesome childhood, John Joe and Diane go to a party, and Cam and Donna start lying to each other.

Season Three Episode Five: "Yerba Buena"


On this episode, Bosworth and Cameron take a trip to Texas, Donna and Gordon go full on "Eyes Wide Shut," and Joe discovers the future.

Season Three Episode Six: "And She Was"


On this episode, Donna contemplates the grass being greener on the other side of Cameron, Joe and Cameron gaze longingly at a wedding ring, and Bos and Diane check out a car.

Season Three Episode Seven: "The Threshold"


On this episode, Donna investigates her inner Fascist, Cameron lays it all on the line, and Joe and Gordon find good reasons to reunite.

Season Three Episode Eight: "You Are Not Safe"


On this episode, arguably the best episode in the history of the show, Ryan begs us to take care of each other, Joe faces tragedy, and Cam and Tom consider relocating.

Season Three Episode Nine and Episode Ten: "NIM" and "NeXT"


On these episodes, Donna has an idea and uses it to bring the band back together, Joe and Cameron ignore Tom and Gordon gets to know Joanie.

Wrapping Things Up


In my humble opinion, this was an incredibly strong season of television. I have watched this show for three full seasons now and am always in awe that the writing remains so good, that the acting remains so good, and that the show has never been cancelled.

We found out on the same day as the airing of the season finale that AMC was nice enough to renew Halt and Catch Fire for a fourth and final season. So, I will see you here in about a year.

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