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Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord?

As I may have mentioned, to date I write recaps of Mr. Robot (USA) and Vinyl (HBO) - I also dabble in writing about #GoT and #Daredevil.

My Mr. Robot recaps are called "Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord?" (which is a silly inside joke and if you know what it is about, Tweet me or leave a comment). 

Mr. Robot was the show that inspired me to start writing about television, so I am very excited for Season 2. Until the show starts back up this Summer, I will try to give weekly updates on new Mr. Robot news.

So, here is this week's Mr. Robot news.

When Will We Finally See Elliot Again (Rami Malek)? 

I am very happy to report that we finally have an official start date for Season 2.  The first episode will air Wed. July 13th on the USA Network. 

Since I am not one of those cool insiders, I have to write my recaps after I watch the episodes with the rest of the universe. So, expect the first Season 2 edition of the "Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord?" recap to be posted on Thurs. July 14th, 2016.

Sam Esmail Isn't Messing Around

Recently, the trend of television is for entirely different people to write and direct almost every single episode of a show season. Obviously, there is a core writing team, but a different writer takes the lead on each different episode during a season and a different director is often hired for every episode as well. Personally, I have always found this to be more than a bit batshit crazy, but it is how things are generally done on television these days.

But, not on Season 2 of Mr. Robot. Sam Esmail, the visionary creator of the show, is apparently both writing and directing all ten episodes of Season 2. This should provide a much more coherent and cohesive season IMHO. Given the many intricacies, rabbit holes, and surreal nature of Mr. Robot, keeping a steady hand on the tiller seems like a pretty great idea.

Is Shayla (Frankie Shaw) Back?

Apparently, Esmail posted a picture of Frankie Shaw on-set to his Instagram account from the 30th day of filming Season 2. Frankie Shaw plays/ed Shayla who was murdered and left in a trunk in one of the saddest moments of Season 1.

Lots of possibilities here, could be flashbacks, could be another figment of Elliot's imagination, but probably not a full-on resurrection of her character. It does make me a bit angry that most of the folks reporting this story in the press referred to Shayla as his "morphine dealer" which is factually correct but is probably the least important thing about their relationship on the show (anyone who thinks her being his drug dealer is what defined her place on the show wasn't watching very thoughtfully IMHO).

The other argument floating around Reddit and other sites concerns Darlene (Carly Chaikin) and if she is really Elliot's sister or not. I will address this more in a later post, but my quick answer is that yes, despite the conclusion, Darlene is Elliot's sister.

Well, that is the Mr. Robot News for the week. Feel free to discuss this or any other Mr. Robot issues in the comment section.

What have you heard about Mr. Robot lately? What did you think about Esmail or Shaw? Let me know what you think, leave a comment!

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