Pirate Transmission #5: Straight Tripping Witch #Spotify Playlist

Memory, Radiohead and Wire

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Part of the power of music is the nostalgia, that palpable feeling when you lower the needle to the record that with each album you can be transported home again. 

I was watching Netflix awesome Daredevil series and one of the characters mentioned that home stays with you as a ghost, like the memory of "the smell of burning wood" (or something like that).

One of the reasons "fans" hate when bands play ONLY their new material at concerts is that as much as we want them to change we also crave those moments that first bonded us to the music we love. We want to go home again. Returning home, in this way, is both an impossible concept (only the whiff in memory of a burning wood smell) and a place that seems real and that makes us who we are.

Radiohead and Wire have constantly refused to play nice and become only who we want to remember them to be (a path that ends with them becoming "THE" Summer Mega Nostalgia Tour Headliner) while at the same you can still smell the wood smoke.

I guess I am just happy to have new music from both of them again :). And that is certainly reflected in this week's playlist. 

As usual, the bizarre names are my homage to Captain Beefheart. You can either "Just Hit Play" or hit play and scroll down to see the order I intended (Spotify shuffles sometimes) and learn more about each artist and band by clicking on the BOLD print.

The "Straight Tripping Witch" #Spotify Playlist

The Songs, The Order, The Radiohead, And The Summer Cannibals?

1.  Internal Exile, Wire, Nocturnal Koreans

2. Salt, Institute, Salt EP

3. Mountain, Meatbodies, Meatbodies

4. Antabus, Makthaversakan, II

5. Dream Age, The Meanies, It's Not Me It's You

6. Full Of It, Summer Cannibals, Full Of It

7. Shattered, Dalek, Asphalt For Eden

8. Straight, A Place To Bury Strangers, Transfixation

9. You And Your Way, Sudakistan, Caballo Negro

10. Hanging On The Telephone, Blondie, 2001 Remastered Single

11. Dumb Love, Stepsisters, Thick

12. Friends of P., The Rentals, The Return of the Rentals

13. Burn The Witch, Radiohead, Dawn Chorus (rumored)

That is the end of another playlist. Very happy with this one, lots of great bands old and new (just like I like it)! 

Did you like taking a broomstick ride with the "Straight Tripping Witch?" Which songs did you like most? Start a discussion about the bands or songs here, leave a comment!