Blog 2 Blog: Five Things About "Letters From A Tapehead"

Blog 2 Blog?

This is the feature where I shout out other blogs that I appreciate and read. 

Part of my whole project is bringing communities of music lovers together to share and push new music. In the current environment, most people either get music information from a corrupt and consolidated music media landscape, independent blogs can provide a solution to consolidation.

I also just like sharing music with other music lovers insane enough to regularly blog.

Letters From A Tapehead: Meet Sean Caldwell

Letters From A Tapehead is the passion project blog from music writer Sean Caldwell.

You can visit his blog by clicking HERE

So, what are 5 Things I like about this blog?

1. Self-Deprication

The tagline says it all "Defending My Bad Taste In Music Since 2006." I particularly enjoy blogs that come from passion instead of authority. Music taste is a subjective enterprise and even the artists I truly loathe probably work really hard putting out music they really care about. I try very hard on #OPS to constantly strive to subvert my own critical "authority" and I love that Sean does too. 

2. Eclectic Tastes

I have seen this guy write passionately about everything from Coltrane to Pentagram. From Prince to Pantera. Given I have been accused of being a bit unhinged when it comes to my wide-ranging music taste, I feel Caldwell is a bit of a kindred spirit. We don't always agree on things, but I always enjoy finding out what he is up to.

3. Exploration

Dude digs. Check out his playlists, he does deep dives on Soundcloud and listens to new music every day. Music has always been a process of constant discovery for me, and while we may have ended the era of territorial discovery, a MONSTROUS amount of new music is made in the world every day.  I love anyone who cares enough about music to dig deep.

4. Appreciates And Celebrates History

In his recent 4/20 retrospective, he didn't just put together a bunch of obvious crowd-pleasers. Sean included Cab Callaway, Lee "Scratch" Perry, and Ray Charles (among others). I try to always see music as a constant evolution "from-to" and appreciate that Caldwell also covers the entire timeline.

5. He Celebrates Frank Zappa's Birthday On The Blog Every Year

I like blogs that add cool little touches of homage. I, for instance, try to name my playlists in homage to Captain Beefheart. These little personal touches help you get to know a person's musical POV and help you see who they are as a listener.

Anyway, that is my shout out to "Letters From A Tapehead" 

If you are the kind of person who likes to be presented with waves of new and diverse music, you should check his site out (I do regularly).

What do you think of "Letters From A Tapehead?" Have you read Sean's work in other places? Let me know what you think, leave a comment!