#GoT: The Whitest Rap Battle Of All Time

An Enthusiastic, "WTF?"

Just in case you haven't seen this, it is the epic battle between Sir Tweed of Orc and Ser Beard & Suspenders of Direwolves. In other words, it is the epic rap battle between J.R.R. Tolkien vs George R.R. Martin (AKA the whitest rap battle in history).

Spent a good deal of time reading in both universes and probably come down on the side of George. Why would I choose George, you ask? Because this:

No matter which epic "hip-hop" artists side you come down on, given how humorless both universes tend to be, this is a perfect send-up for both.

So, I feel a little silly for posting this, but at the same time, it did make me chuckle more than once. I duff my cap to the "Epic Rap Battles OF History crew" (calling them a crew also adds more white irony). Nicely done Sers.

Who would you vote for? Who did you think won the actual battle? Do you care? Let everybody know, leave a comment!

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