#Radiohead "Burn The Witch" Released Today!

Why I Care So Much - The Importance of Being Radiohead

So, Radiohead just released the first single (Burn The Witch) off of their upcoming 9th album to be titled "Dawn Chorus."

Radiohead, when fully engaged in their craft, are one of the last bands around (at the top of the pyramid) that still occasionally makes music that matters. 

Yes, technically U2 still exists, but it is has been a decade since I truly liked one of their songs. Maroon 5? Puhlease, they are playing to the lowest common algorithmic denominator and cashing checks. Don't even get me started about Dave Grohl, who I love, but let's be honest, new Foo Fighter songs sound an awful lot like old Foo Fighters songs (only not as fun).

Don't get me wrong, as I mention often, there are hundreds if not thousands of bands out there making great music right now, but very few get any attention. Radiohead gets attention, and when they set a high bar, it is a standard the other (mostly mediocre) bands in the "major label" world are shown up by IMHO.

Radiohead is the first band I remember ever being dubbed as "The Biggest Rock Band In The World" who willingly handed over the crown and just started doing whatever they wanted. Since the vacated the throne, they still make really great music, but only how and when they want to. Sometimes, they have gotten so lost in experimentation that they fail to connect in a way that impacts the entire music universe. "Burn The Witch" seems to presage a return to more traditional song structures, which to my mind is a good thing. The end of the song is like a more paranoid and intense "Day In The Life" which is one of my favorite Beatles songs. And, of course, Thom Yorke still sounds like Thom Yorke (awesome).

It has been an odd week with Radiohead putting out "Burn The Witch" flyers and erasing their online presence, I guess you could just call it inspired marketing? Whatever the reasons, here is the really cool song and video!

#Radiohead's "Burn The Witch" Video

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I am growing increasingly excited to hear the album.

#QOTSA "Burn The Witch"

Yes, there is also a Queens of the Stone Age Song of the same name, here it is, pretty different. And thanks to Travis on Google+ for pointing this out!

What did you think of the new song and video? Let me know what you thought, start a Radiohead discussion (or a low-flying panic attack) right here, by leaving me a comment!

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