So, #Radiohead are Daydreaming with P.T. Anderson

Double Trouble

Yes, there are parallels between PT Anderson's post-Magnolia work and Radiohead's post-"OK Computer" work.  I would contend that they have both constantly been in Punch-Drunk love and when punched There Will (usually) be blood. Should anyone be surprised, considering all of that, that the new track is a collaboration between the two called "Daydreaming?" 

The new album comes out today, May 8th. 

Radiohead's Video For "Daydreaming"

It starts out kind of slow, but it is a real grower. Builds like crazy.

Hope you enjoyed it!

As an extra-special bonus here is a really good article on the politics of Radiohead.

What did you think about the new Radiohead video and are you ready for the release tomorrow? Share your thoughts on all things Radiohead, leave a comment!