Superstars Of Imagination #OPS YouTube Playlist

#OPS Throw Down Playlists

So, I used to do this crazy thing on Google+ where I posted videos for like 30 minutes every Friday and Saturday around "themes of the day" and called them "throw downs."

Recently I started a YouTube channel (haven't done much with it yet) and now I am putting the lists together there and posting them here too. Anyway, you can always check my YouTube channel or just tune in here and "Just Hit Play!"

Oh, and remember, you can scroll don and click on the artist or band's name for more information about them.

The "Superstars Of Imagination" Playlist

The Songs

1. Institute, Salt, Salt EP

2. Meatbodies, Mountain, Meatbodies

3. Dalek, Guaranteed Struggle, Asphalt For Eden

4. Sudakistan, You And Your Way, Caballo Negro

5. The Rentals, Friends of P., The Return Of The Rentals

6. Wimps, Vampire, Suitcase

7. Blondie, Hanging On The Telephone, Parallel Lines

8. Bully, Milkman, Milkman EP

9. Pissed Jeans, False Jesii Part 2, King Of Jeans

10. Radiohead, Burn The Witch, (Mystery Album Title)

That's the end of another "Throw Down" Remember, Thursdays are for #Spotify and Saturdays are for #YouTube playlists.

How did you feel about the playlist? What songs did you like? Let me know what you think, leave a comment!