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Tales From A Red Wheelbarrow (eps1.91_redwheelbarr0w.txt) Part 10: God or Complex?

Part Ten of my ongoing deep-dive into the Mr. Robot companion book Red Wheelbarrow.

Today I am talking about Elliot's efforts to move from living inside his head to authentically connecting with the people outside of his head. Oh, also about the new Rule 41 Warrant expansion.


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The Exploding Boy: My #YouTube Playlist Homage to "The Cure"

This week my tribute playlist is to the band "The Cure" in honor of them embarking on their new tour.

Songs from virtually every album from Three Imaginary Boys through Wish.


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Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord?: Kor Adana + Mr. Robot

This is my first transmission on Mr. Robot for 2016. 

1) I got a response from series consultant and writer Kor Adana that I wanted to share about the use of music in the series

2) I wanted to share what will be the new name of the recap "Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord"

Enjoy! And get ready for Season 2 (coming this Summer)


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