The Exploding Boy: My #YouTube Playlist Homage to "The Cure"

Why an Homage to The Cure?

A good question. 

First, because they have just embarked on a new tour and it reminded me of driving around Denton and Dallas as a young college student listening to various early Cure albums. In other news, I was a bit shocked to learn that Robert Smith still has the crazy hair and still wears the same makeup on stage (in his 50's, I am almost 49) I certainly respect his level of commitment to his classic look. Anyway, this is an exercise in nostalgia.

Second, I like The Cure and I have always connected with Roberts Gestalt. Yes, it is not entirely consistent with my other tastes so let me warn you that I have a wide variety of music tastes and that sometimes it is the exceptions that prove the rule (in case you are new to the blog) Oh, I also saw The Cure live with their "Classic" lineup several times (including at the Broncho Bowl in Dallas way back in the day).

Also, why not a playlist? The Cure is a great band with a tremendous discography. 

So, the idea of the playlist is to surround the hits that everyone knows with some of the songs that maybe you don't (or may have forgotten). In retrospect, I went a little light on Faith which is a really good album. You should check it out. I could have included all of the "greatest hits" but I wanted to also include some lesser-known gems.

I didn't include any of the later albums, although I liked Bloodflowers quite a bit. 

As always, you can just hit play, or drop down and read more about the songs (Anything bolded is hyperlinked).

The Playlist

Yup, just hit play!

The Songs

1. 10:15 On A Saturday Night, Three Imaginary Boys

2. Grinding Halt, Three Imaginary Boys

3. Primary, Faith

4. A Stange Day, Pornography

5. Shake Dog Shake, The Top

6. Give Me It, The Top

7. Six Different Ways, The Head On The Door

8. A Man Inside My Mouth, The Head On The Door

9. In Between Days, The Head On The Door

10. Screw, The Head On The Door

11. The Exploding Boy, Standing On A Beach (The B Sides)

12. Just Like Heaven, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

13. Shiver and Shake, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

14. Lullaby, Disintegration

15. Pictures Of You, Disintegration

16. Love Song, Disintegration 

17. Letter To Elise, Wish

18. Friday I'm In Love, Wish

And yes, I meant to end with the song intended originally as a joke :).

Hope you enjoyed it, Viva The Cure!

Did you enjoy the playlist? What songs would you have included that I neglected and which albums do you feel were under or over represented? Let me know what you think, leave a comment!