Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord? "Hacking Robot" and other news

What's New #MrRobot People?

Okay, "Who is Mr. Robot's Landlord" is the name of my Mr. Robot recap which will be revving back up with the premier of Mr. Robot on July 13th.

I started recapping Mr. Robot, and television in general,  after being inspired by the use of the song "Pictures of You" by The Cure in Season One (Ep.7).

Since then I have done recaps of Mr. Robot, Season One of the HBO series Vinyl, and Season 6 of Game of Thrones

The name is a play on the backstory of Mr. Robot (Christian Slater).If you have not seen Season One *Spoiler Alert*

Here is the Season 2 Trailer:

The New Mr. Robot News

The big news Mr. Robot news this week has been:

* Mr. Robot Season 2 will have 12 instead of 10 episodes

* The first TWO episodes will air back-to-back on July 13th

* The episodes will be followed by an after-show called "Hacking Robot." It is, as of now, unknown if the after show will become a regular feature or (like with the Doctor Who aftershow) be a one-off. It has also not yet been revealed who the host of this aftershow will be.

Yes, that means three straight hours of Mr. Robot fun on July 13th (more if you read my recap after).

Also there is are several interesting interviews with Martin Wallstrom, the actor behind one of television's most complex characters Tyrell Wellick. Wellick is interesting to me because he seems driven to most of his sociopathic acts by living constantly in almost pure and pathological fears. In a way, he is a microcosm to how we lately have responded to crisis in this country (IMHO). Here is another of his recent interviews.

Collider also had an interview with Rami Malek and Christian Slater about season 2. As you probably know by now, Rami plays Elliot and Mr. Slater plays a representation of his dead Father Edward aka Mr. Robot.

Well, we are just a few weeks away (nice to have a few weeks break between GoT and Mr. Robot for sure).

What are you looking forward to in Season 2 of Mr. Robot? Let me know, leave a comment!

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