The Top Posts of 2016

Thanks for the Readership and Happy 2017

It has been an exciting year, my traffic has doubled and doubled again. Thanks so much for visiting and helping me make my dreams of writing start to look possible.

Don't want to bury the lede too much, so let's get to the results.

The Mr. Robot Posts


To be honest, if I just did a listing of just the most popular posts in order, the entire top 20 popular posts on my site would be represented by Mr. Robot posts. Thanks for all of the support for my obsession with Sam Esmail's show.

A recent entry that rose very quickly was my interview from last week with Mr. Robot creator, Sam Esmail. You can read that interview HERE.

My series of deep-dives into the Mr. Robot companion book Red Wheelbarrow have all been very popular, the most popular so far was called Mazes, Masks, and Robin Hood. You can read it HERE.

I was very proud of my piece from the end of Season 2 "The David Lynch of Mr. Robot" it was also very well read. You can read it HERE.

By far, the most popular post I have ever done (on any subject) was my response to the season-long criticism of noted television critic Matt Zoller Seitz. You can read it HERE

My complete guide to Season 2 of Mr. Robot can be found HERE

Game Of Thrones Posts


I am kind of the official Game of Thrones Grinch. I might be the only person on the face of the planet that was critical (sometimes harshly critical) of Season 6. Despite that, I still maintained a growing readership for my posts.

A strangely popular entry was the post I made announcing the new preview show After The Thrones on HBO. For some reason, it continued to generate hits throughout all of Season 6. You can read it HERE

Another very popular post was my critical treatment of the Battle of the Bastards Episode. You can read it HERE

The most popular post of the year was my recap of the RIP Hodor episode. You can read it HERE

If you are binge-watching Season 6 of Game of Thrones my complete guide to the season is HERE.

Black Mirror Posts


My Black Mirror recaps have really been growing in popularity, which is good because I love writing about the show.

Last week I wrote a very popular recap of Black Mirror Season One Episode Two "15 Million Merits." You can read that recap HERE

The most popular recap I have written to date was this one juxtaposing Election 2016 and the Waldo episode of Black Mirror. You can read that recap HERE.

The Flash Posts  


I have really enjoyed, in a strange way, taking on a bit lighter but still often interesting series in The Flash (The CW). 

My post at the end of Season 2 where I first suggested that The Flash might unknowingly be a friendly fascist (or flascist) remains popular to this day. You can read it HERE.

Another popular recap was my recap of the Season 3 episode Killer Frost (arguably the best episode in the history of the series). You can read it HERE.

My most popular post of Season 3 has been the post recapping the Flashpoint episode. You can read it HERE.

Halt and Catch Fire Posts


I am really proud of my writing on Season 3 of Halt and Catch Fire. For whatever reason, my recaps did not have the readership of many of the series I write about. However, if you ever are looking for a great show to binge-watch, I would heartily recommend this very well written and acted AMC series.

The most popular piece I wrote about Halt and Catch Fire was my recap of the Season Finale. You can read that recap HERE.

If you decide to binge watch HACF, here is a link to my complete guide to Season 2.

Vinyl Posts


If anything put me on the map it was my recaps of this doomed HBO series. For whatever reason, my recaps still get hits as more and more people decide to see if it as "really that bad."

Here is a link to my complete guide to the one and only season of Vinyl.

Music and Playlist Posts


I created over 80 playlists in 2016 and listened to over 400 albums. One of my real passions is the music that forms the heart of this site.

One truly popular playlist from 2016 was this ode to these women musicians and singers who excelled in 2016. It is called Women to the Front and you can listen to it HERE.

The most popular playlist I have ever concocted was this ode to an 80's dance club. It got thousands of listens and you can listen to part one HERE and part two HERE.

My best albums of 2016 list and it's accompanying playlists have been very popular. You can see the complete list HERE.

The most popular music post of the year was my rant against the LA Weekly's suggestion that punk was dead and that it had nothing to do with hip-hop. You can read that article HERE.



I enjoyed the interviews I did this year, thanks to everyone who participated (and put up with my relative inexperience).

A very popular interview I did this year was with Chvad SB of Controlled Bleeding. You can read that interview HERE.

My most popular interview this year was with C. Alan Bargfrede of the Berklee College of Music. Professor Bargfrede was the principle researcher on the largest study of streaming economics to date. This interview was part one in my $$$'s in the Stream series. You can read that interview HERE

Wrapping Things Up

This will be my last post of 2016 (as I hear the fireworks going off outside perhaps it has become my first post of 2017). 

I want to thank all of my friends and readers for all of the support for my writing. I have to make a special thank you to Sam Esmail who doesn't know me but has been repeatedly far too kind to me during 2016.

I wish everyone the happiest of 2017's and thanks again!