My Top 45 Albums of 2016: The Complete #OPS Guide

The Top 45 Albums of 2016


Sorry that I put it out piecemeal to start, but since I was including links to labels, Spotify, Apple, and writing about each album, I just couldn't physically get all of the markup done at once.

As always, I pay homage to the Clash for starting my love of these styles of music and for giving me an ethical framework for thinking about music.

Now that it is all done, I can put it all in a guide for easier access.

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

#45 - 21: The Bronze Medals


All you have to do to get links to over 20 great albums from albums like Gonjasufi, Mothers, Joey Purp, Tyvek, GOGGS, and many others is to click right HERE.

#45-21 Companion Spotify Playlist


If you want to read the Easter Eggs (links to more information about the bands) click HERE.

#20-11: The Silver Medals


It is easy to find out how the Silver Medals were doled out between artists like Angel Olsen, A Tribe Called Quest, The Avalanches, and many others, just click HERE.

#20-11 Companion Playlist


If you want to read the Easter Eggs (links to more information about the bands) click HERE.

#10 - 1: The Gold Medals + Tribute to David Bowie and the other musicians we lost in 2016


If you want to read the tribute and see if it is Savages, Danny Brown, Mitski, Fury, or another great artist who won my Best Album of 2016, click HERE.

#10 - 1 Companion Playlist


I haven't finished the markup on the blog version yet...but once I do you will find it HERE.

Thanks to everyone for listening all year, these playlists I do every single week are a labor of love, but I love sharing them too. I hope that I have helped you find some great new music throughout 2016!

All hail my 2016 King of the Mountain, Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial

Next week I will put out the best singles of 2016 playlist and maybe a Tuesday playlist too? We will see, this was a LOT of work.

Looking forward to the new year to begin again.

As always, Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

Out of the 45 albums, which was your favorite?

Out of the 45 albums, which was your least favorite?

Which was your favorite or least favorite playlist?

Let me know what you think, leave a comment!

Teens Of Denial
By Car Seat Headrest