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Halt and Catch Fire S3 E7: "The Threshold"

This is my recap of Halt and Catch Fire S3 E7: "The Threshold" 

On this episode, we find out if Cameron and Donna can make up and play nice, if Bos can make a new friend for real, and what happens when Gordon and Joe play a game Ryan doesn't understand.


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Halt and Catch Fire S3 E5: Yerba Buena

My recap of Halt and Catch Fire S3 E5: Yerba Buena

On this episode, Donna and Gordon dance to a breakup song, Cameron is loved or betrayed, and Bosworth questions his worth.


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Halt and Catch Fire S3 E3: Flipping The Switch

This is my Halt and Catch Fire recap of S3 E3 Flipping The Switch

Apologies for not getting the recap done last night (was exhausted)

During this Episode, Gordon and Joe both try to burn down their respective Houses, Cameron provides Glue, and Bosworth meets Diane

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Straight Edge Netiquette? Kevin Smith, Mr. Robot, and the Hollywood Reporter

I have had a number of discussions lately online that have me questioning how best we can relate to each other online.

It made me think of a time when I was confronting many of the same issues inside my local punk rock community way back in the day. Is it time for Straight Edge Netiquette?

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This Week in On Pirate Satellite 7/30/2016

This is the wrap up of the pieces on my blog for the week ending on July 30, 2016

This week I had posts about Mr. Robot, Spotify Playlists, Albums of the Week, Twitter polls, and Killer Robots from outer space (maybe no robots). I also bring back a classic #OPS post.


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Billy Corgan Loves Him Some "Rock Hall Billy Corgan"

Billy Corgan has started touting himself for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Well, technically, he said he was touting his "band" but I suspect he really means Billy Corgan.

I do love classic Smashing Pumpkins, but here are a bunch of artists who should be in front of him in line for induction.

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