This Week in On Pirate Satellite 7/30/2016

This Week In On Pirate Satellite #OPS

So, what was on my site this week? And what "classic" post will I bring back?

This week in #OPS is a quick review of what happened on my site this week including quick links to the posts. In addition, every week I will include a link to a throwback post that I really enjoyed writing.

So, without further ado, here is what happened on my site this week. 

Mr. Robot Posts

1. Who Is Mr. Robot's Landlord? Eps 2.2._init_1.asec 

My weekly #MrRobot recap. This week I discuss possible answers to questions like, "why does Elliot need Ray to find a computer?" Or, "Why does Angela listen to Sonic Youth?" 

Find my answers by clicking HERE

2. 5 Things About "The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie" 

USA Network and Mr. Robot were not messing around this season, they actually made a VHS style mini-movie of the feature they showed Darlene (Carly Chaikin) and Elliot (Rami Malek) watching at the beginning of Episode 2.2. Here are my thoughts on that feature.

Find out what I thought of the mini-movie HERE.

One other comment, earlier today Rob Harvilla, a writer at Bill Simmons new site "The Ringer" wrote an article attacking the show.  I have a few quick comments for him:

* If you are going to write a piece calling someone else (Sam Esmail) pretentious it might be a good idea to leave out sentences like "Season 2 is a drag so far, a dense, dour carnival of over stylized misery.

* Season one was not hiding it's homage to Fight Club. As I have written about before, I suspect Sam Esmail felt that the weakness of Fight Club was that it took the easy way out by leaving the collateral damage from the induced collapse to someone else to figure out. I believe the whole point of Mr. Robot is to address the consequences of revolution, not just the instigation.

* There is a HUGE difference between having pretensions and being pretentious. The use of the "Intermission" device in the middle of the premier was an homage to the movies of the past. Why did Esmail use it? Maybe because the premiere was two hours long? I suspect the use of the device was aspirational.

* Finally, hipsters love to hate on popular stuff. This is why an avalanche of negative coverage has become a predictable aspect of the coverage of almost every popular television show's second season.  The sad flip side of what you label as "I wrote a hit play and directed it syndrome" might be "I write for a hipster paper so it is my job to tear  down unique shows" syndrome.

Perhaps, you might prefer spending your time with "the geniuses" of Scorpion instead? I, for one, will stick with Mr. Robot.  

The Music on #OPS

1. Nigerian Zoo Devil #Spotify Playlist

Every week (usually on Thursday) I put out a #Spotify playlist. My goal is to connect the decades I have been alive through alternative and independent music. This week the playlist attempted to connect the world from Nigeria to Jamaica.

The playlist includes classic songs by The Police (UK), Fela Kuti (Nigeria), Eddy Grant (Jamaica) with new songs by Big Business and Jenn Champion.

I take a lot of pride in my playlists, I hope you enjoy them!

2. Have You Heard This (Yet)?

I have a semi-regular feature called "Have You Heard This (Yet)? Which is my version of "Album of the Week." My spin is that it includes a brand new album with a newly discovered old album that is new to me (or rediscovered).

This week I gave props to the brand new album by the band Big Business, "Command Your Weather." I also mentioned an album I rediscovered recently Hallelujah the Hills 2014 album "Have You Ever Done Something Evil."

3. #Kraftwerk4RockHall

I am also starting my annual campaign to get Kraftwerk inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you also understand the massive impact that Kraftwerk has had on modern music, use the hashtag liberally.

4. Weekly Poll

I have a Twitter poll going, would love for you to join in, so here is an embed of the Tweet

Please add your voice :).

Bringing Awesome Back - Classic #OPS posts

Every week, I am going to go back to the archives from before I migrated this site to its new backbone and repurpose a post that I really enjoyed writing.

This week I am highlighting all three parts of my "Best Albums of 2015" series.

1. Best of 2015, Barely Missed the Cut

This is where I highlighted albums that I really liked but did not make the top 20.

You can read that post by clicking

2. The Top 20 Albums of 2015: 20 - 11

You can see 20-11 by clicking HERE

3. The Top 20 Albums of 2015: 10-1

Count down to the top of 2015 by clicking HERE

Hope you enjoyed the week of 7/30/2016, let me know what you think, leave a comment!