DemExit: Why I Am Starting To Believe This Is A #FalseFlag Operation

A False Flag Operation

Anyone else starting to wonder what sense the Democratic Exit strategy makes for Progressives? 

Do you wonder why even the leader of the "Revolution" doesn't think it is a good idea at all?

I myself voted for Bernie in the Michigan primary and I am following his lead, but I am getting pretty suspicious of the motives of the people pushing hard for a Democratic Exit.

Wikipedia defines a "False Flag Operation" as:

"...covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them."

I am starting to get the distinct feeling that the entire #DemExit movement is being orchestrated by someone other than Progressives (kind of like the Tea Party was orchestrated by the Koch Brothers).


A Strategy That Can't Possibly Help The Progressive Agenda (#FalseFlag)

Here are things Hillary Rodham Clinton says she will do (and has produced extensive policy proposals for) that are in tune with the Progressive agenda:

Universal Health Insurance - she has a long list of policy proposals and pledged to work towards a public option from day one.

Campaign Finance Reform - in particular, she supports the appointment of Supreme Court Justices that will overturn Citizen United. Even more specific, if that fails, endorsing the creation of a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Climate Change - She has a very detailed set of proposals and explicitly rebuked the non-science based stance of the GOP at the convention. She has committed to a path for an 80% reduction by 2050 in Carbon Emissions.

Criminal Justice Reform - I do not love her proposals here, but compared to DJT's pledge at his convention to return to the 80's tough on crime agenda she is basically Gandhi. She acknowledges that Black Lives Matter explicitly and has been working with the Mothers of the Movement for years. She is for universal voter registration and opposes all of the GOP attempts to roll back voting rights.

Is she way too Hawkish on defense and Israel, absolutely. Is she neoliberal, yes. 

Don't make the perfect an enemy of the good.

And What Is The Alternative?

Donald J. Trump is a climate denier who wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. DJT wants to appoint another Supreme Court Justice just like the late conservative hero Antonin Scalia. He just gave an address that would set the new but fragile consensus for Criminal Justice Reform back 40 years.

I don't believe we can wait four or eight more years to address Climate Change (and I have been researching Climate Change since 1989).

Not only that, currently there are only eight Supreme Court Justices (four who tend to vote conservative and four  who tend to vote progressive). In other words, filling the current vacancy will change the balance of power in favor of progressives or conservatives.

Big stakes, just ask the LGBTQ community or folks in communities of color who are being disenfranchised in GOP states if this matters.

Are people like Dr. Jill Stein, who is supposed to represent the Green party of all things, really saying she wants to leave the protection of the planet to Donald J. Trump for the next four or eight years? 

Are the people pushing for a Democratic Exit really saying that they want Donald J. Trump to make this important Supreme Court appointment?

How does any of this make any strategic sense at all?

Let's be honest, it doesn't. So, I am turning to Occam's Razor. This is clearly a false flag operation.

And What Should A Progressive Do? #NoBushvGore2

Look, I get it, I don't love HRC either. But the idea that a vote for Dr. Jill Stein is a vote for a real progressive is insane.

I am not saying Dr. Stein is corrupt, I am saying much of her "new" support is questionable at best.

I am not saying Dr. Stein is anything but a Progressive, but absolute best case scenario she will pull 7-10 percent of the vote (all coming from Hillary Clinton). Perhaps you remember Bush v. Gore? Yup, that was the Green Party working against their own best interest then too.

If you live in a state that is going GOP, go ahead and vote your conscience, but if you are in a battleground state, a Democratic Exit just makes no sense at all for the Progressive agenda.

I am saying that I am very suspicious that the Green Party Candidate is working against the better interests of the planet.

She could easily be using this platform to attack DJT for his Climate Denial but instead, she never mentions GOP and bashes HRC 24-7. She 100% knows she cannot win this election.

So, What is she doing?

And all of this misses the point. The smart thing to do is use the leverage we have to push HRC to the left. It might not be perfect, but we proved we can mobilize in massive numbers. 

By the way, this is exactly what Bernie is suggesting that we do. That is exactly what Bernie did with the Party Platform. That is exactly what he wants to do by lobbying for Progressive Congressional Candidates. That is exactly what he wants to do in pushing for repudiation of Citizen's United etc.

I was with Bernie before, I am with Bernie now.

The only problem, even this would be less effective with DJT as President. He will always have less to lose and nothing to gain from working with Progressives.

So, I am making the following suggestions.

1. If you agree with me, respond to all the Democratic Exit Tweets that you see with the following two hashtags: #NoBushvGore2 and #FalseFlag

2. Whenever you see me Tweet to Dr. Jill Stein help me get her to answer the following question:

How does  a Democratic Exit protect the planet Earth given that the alternative to HRC is a climate denier?

I have been asking her this question for a full week every day and have never gotten a response.

Okay, that is it. and I mean this all with respect. I will fully apologize if I am wrong. I will fully apologize to Dr. Stein if she explains a sensible strategic reason for a Democratic Exit that assumes the current political situation.

Do you think the Democratic Exit is a False Flag Operation? Please use the hashtags liberally and let me know what you think (as long as it is civil), leave a comment!