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Halt and Catch Fire S3 E3: Flipping The Switch

This is my Halt and Catch Fire recap of S3 E3 Flipping The Switch

Apologies for not getting the recap done last night (was exhausted)

During this Episode, Gordon and Joe both try to burn down their respective Houses, Cameron provides Glue, and Bosworth meets Diane

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Josh's Digital Bin #19

Time for another digital bin. This is where I pick five albums you can thumb through like we used to thumb through record bins back in the day.

Thumb through these five albums and pick, share, and purchase the ones that you like (and leave what you don't). 

I don't put any ads or anything else in Digital Bins because it is all about helping people find independent artists.

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Pirate Transmission #Spotify Playlist #13: Lazer Night Club Television Riff

More candy for your ears!

This week's playlist includes Tubeway Army, Eurythmics, GOGGS, Built To Spill, and many others.


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