Josh's Digital Bin #17

What's A Digital Bin (and Where Have They Been)?

Apologies, I haven't kept up with this series  the last few weeks. I apologize.

The idea is to present music as a process of exploration. We used to go to record stores and dig through bins with very little idea of what albums would actually sound like. We would look at the covers, check out the band picture, look at the names of songs, and just make our best guesses.

Most record stores had discount bins where you could really afford to take some shots in the dark. I think of this space exactly like that, not that the artists don't deserve more attention than a discount bin but that they are worthy of being found.

Found music is more fun IMHO, so explore, enjoy, and celebrate new music.

The Pussywhips

You may remember my love for Portuguese Punk from my love for La Misma (who are an NYC band but that sings in Portuguese. Anyway, this is a  Portuguese band (from Portugal) who wrote me and asked me to check out their self-titled album.

Pussywhips remind me a bit of The Cramps (which is a very good thing). They mentioned that they have gotten some play in the US lately. Really good stuff, listen loud (especially to "Lame Society")!

Psychic Lemon

Psychic Lemon is another self-titled gem that a band was nice enough to send my way.

I haven't had this much fun listening to flute since going LARPING and listening to Jethro Tull. Seriously, if you take Jethro Tull and add some edge and krautrock to the mix you have this incredibly well-produced Jam.  I imagine Psychic Lemon are probably tired of the comparison but I think that is what most people will first think of.

Generally,  I am kind of anti-jam band antics. I like my songs to unfold in 5 minutes of less. But, there is an urgency to this album that makes it more palatable to me than most psych-jam stuff. Plus how can you hate a rock-and-roll flutist?

Shadows and Mirrors

Usually, when people write me, they have the full album ready to sell. Shadows and Mirrors are a somewhat mysterious Darkwave band from Illinois that has only released one single from their forthcoming album (Aria), but it I liked it enough that I am including it. Lots of Gary Numan feel to this song ("The Sedative of Ceremony"). Gothic synthy goodness, and oddly danceable too!

Looking forward to the release of the entire album!

Dyr Faser

You might remember that I was a big fan of Dyr Faser Volume 1. What great news to find out the Vol. 2 is out. Really cool combination of experimental with traditional song forms. It feels like fusion, like experimental music you could dance to.  Mostly, I find it interesting to get lost in. Volume 2 is great for putting on the headphones and closing your eyes or turning down the lights and just getting lost in the playfulness.  


Pretty disgusted and sad about what happened in Orlando. It was nice to be able to get some of that rage out listening to this new G..L.O.S.S. EP (called Trans Day of Revenge). As always, G.L.O.S.S. songs are short bursts of sonic rage shouted at a judgemental and cruel society.

In an odd way that can be cathartic, especially during weeks like this.

Well, that does it for another "Digital Bin," I hope you found something that you enjoy and might not have encountered otherwise!

What did you think of the digital bin? Let me know, leave a comment!