Preoccupations Release "Anxiety" Video (Formerly Viet Cong)

The Video

My Thoughts

Preoccupations used to be called Viet Cong (I wrote multiple stories about the name controversy at the time - you can read those stories HERE and also HERE. 

I might have been the world's biggest fan of their last album (also called Viet Cong, I believe that it is still called VC) IMHO it was about as good as Post-Punk gets. 

I am very happy to report that this new song (and hopefully that means the new album) does not represent a change in style at all. The video is directed by Yoonha Park in a style that reminds my a bit of Anton Corbijn. That cover art above is the cover of the new album and was also released today. The album is due to be released on Jagjaguwar on September 16th.

I am including a link to the last album below with no intention of endorsing the name choice. If you read the linked  stories above, you will understand my position. Beyond that, they have been very contrite and the album itself is quite remarkable.

 Let me know what you  think, leave a comment.

Viet Cong
By Viet Cong