Josh's Digital Bin #19

Josh's Digital Bin

The idea is to present music as a process of exploration. We used to go to record stores and dig through bins with very little idea of what albums would actually sound like. We would look at the covers, check out the band picture, look at the names of songs, and just make our best guesses.

Most record stores had discount bins where you could really afford to take some shots in the dark. I think of this space exactly like that, not that the artists don't deserve more attention than a discount bin but that they are worthy of being found.

Found music is more fun IMHO, so explore, enjoy, and celebrate new music.

Hologram Teen

Hologram Teen is keyboard Player Morgane Lhote who formerly played with Stereolab (who I love).  This is a pretty cool 4 track EP of Morgane's most recent stuff. Very fun, sunny, summer goodness. Enjoy! 


I have featured Introflirt once before, but they have a new album coming out, and I really like them, so here they are again. Kind of a cool throwback sound, kind of makes me think of Gary Numan but with a bit more brightness to the music. Maybe a bit of Soft Cell in there too.

Whatever Forever

O.K. I could listen to the song "Buzzkill Joy" several times every day for the rest of the summer with no problem. Happy Fuzzy Joy Joy. The cover may make them look like sad dogs but they are big fun as far as I am concerned. Very happy to have found this gem of a band from Minnesota.

I am hoping this three-song EP is a downpayment on a future album full of greatness yet to come.

Future Blondes

This is some crazy aggressive punk-rock electronic warfare. If you like your stuff purely melodic and domesticated I would not recommend this insanity. If you are ready to let out your primal scream., I would recommend a listen.

Titus Andronicus: S+@dium Rock: Five NIghts At The Opera

Look, if you know anything about me, you know I love these guys. They are the living legacy of punk. They are walking the walk and talking the talk. This is their live album. Titus Andronicus is  much of what at the heart of what I care about. So, I guess I am saying that you should listen to this album.

Well, that is the end of another digital bin. Hope that you enjoy it. 

What did you think of the digital bin? What band did you enjoy the most? Let me know, leave a comment!