The Complete #OPS Guide to Season Six Of Game Of Thrones

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I talk about music, television, and films on this blog. The shows that I recap are Mr. Robot, Halt and Catch Fire, Game of Thrones, and Vinyl (now canceled). At the end of every season, I try to put out a comprehensive guide to the writing I have done on each particular show.

Season Six of Game of Thrones has gone the way of Red Priestesses, Hodor's, and Dragons. But, if you are binge-watching Season 6 of HBO's most popular show, here is a companion guide to all of the episodes.

Episode One: The Red Woman

Aired On: 4/24/2016

Recap Title: Brienne, Ramsay, and George Lucas Disease

In the recap, I explained my "George Lucas Disease" theory about Benioff and Weiss, complained about the assassination of Doran Martell, and wondered why Tyrion and Varys wandered Meereen without guards. Read the recap by clicking HERE.

Episode Two: Home

Aired On: 5/1/2016

Recap Title: The Good, The Jar-Jar's, and the Power of Size

In this recap, I mentioned why it is good to be physically strong or big on GoT and reflect on how we all really already knew that Jon Snow would live despite HBO's best attempts to keep the secret. You can read the recap HERE.

Episode Three: Oathbreaker

Aired On: 5/8/2016

Recap Title: Oathbreaker or Loophole

In this recap, I explain the rules of becoming a brother of the Night's Watch and explain why I am dumbfounded by the sloppiness around the writing of Ramsay Bolton's character. You can read that recap HERE.

Episode Four: Book Of The Stranger

Aired On: 5/15/2016

Recap Title: Love Is In The Air (in Westeros)

In this recap, I joke around about Brienne and Tormund Giantsbane while complaining about the Knights of the Vale just sitting around the North after Littlefinger's offer of aid is dismissed by Sansa. You can read that recap HERE.

Episode Five: The Door

Aired On: 5/22/2016

Recap Title:

Part One - George R.R. Martin Has Jokes (or RIP Hodor)

Part Two - Plays Within Plays, Prophecies, and Holding Doors

Very proud of the recap of this episode. I go into great detail about the time-paradox around what happens with Hodor and Bran, make fun of the Iron Islands subplot, and talk about the play within a play. 

Read the recap of part one HERE.

And the recap of part two HERE.

Episode Six: Blood Of My Blood

Aired On: 5/29/2016

Recap Title: King Sparrows, Lost & Found Crows, & Drogon the Dragon

In this recap, I question the Margaery & Tommen conversion and have some things to say about Bran's future reign as the new "Three-Eyed Crow." You can read the recap HERE.

Episode Seven: The Broken Man

Aired On: 6/5/2016

Recap Title: "The Broken Man" or Broken Men?

In this recap, I continue to opine about Tommen and Margaery's religious realignment and talk at length about who it is that is actually broken. You can read that recap HERE.

Episode Eight: No One

Aired On: 6/12/2016

Recap Title: No One? I'm A Stark Of Winterfell!

In this recap, I talk a great deal about the Faceless Men subplot and Arya vs. The Waif. I also complain about the resolution of the siege of Riverrun. Click to read the recap HERE.

Episode Nine: The Battle Of The Bastards

Aired On: 6/19/2016

Recap Title: Daenerys, Dragons, and Sansa (Not the Battle of the Bastards) Win #GoT S6 EP9

In this recap, I explain why I am the only person in the world that hated the Batlle of the Bastards (as usual, because B&W). Click HERE for that recap.

Episode Ten: The Winds Of Winter

Aired On: 6/26/2016

Recap Title: Winds Of Winter, Or How I Learned To Love Benioff and Weiss

In this recap, I acknowledge how hard it must be to turn George R. R. Martin's books into a television show and complement Benioff and Weiss on some great work in the season finale. In other words, I try to finally make peace with seasons 5 & 6. Find that recap by clicking HERE.

Okay, that is it for now, I am planning on writing one more post but have not gotten around to it yet. When I get it written, I will post it here as well.

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