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Blog 2 Blog: 5 Things On 53thirdand3rd

This is the first in my new Blog 2 Blog feature, in which I talk about the blogs that I enjoy. 

Through opening dialog with other writers in the music space, I hope to create ongoing dialogs and to share some of my favorite writers with you.

This first post is about the blog 50thirdand3rd.


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Pirate Transmission #2 - "Bad Teeth Island"

This is Pirate Transmission #2 - Bad Teeth Island

Every Thursday I post a new playlist. You can listen to it on Spotify, or reconstruct it using the information broken out below the embedded playlist.

You can also learn more about each band by clicking on the band name (or artist name) in the post.


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Playlist: The One About Radioactive Death Love

Every Thursday I put out a new Spotify playlist.

This week, my playlist features William Onyeabor, Nots, Nobunny, BRONCHO, Egyptian Lover, and The Coathangers.

This week, the playlist trivia question is: Where did Broncho get their name?



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