Blog 2 Blog: 5 Things On 53thirdand3rd

So, I am going to start doing some regular blog shout outs, because part of my goal is to connect with other music folks all over the country and the world in order to beat the drum better for new music and great artists.

It is my feeling that by checking out all the independent blogs, you get a pretty good idea of what is going on in alternative music. So, one of the things I am going to do is check out something that they have been listening to and add my two cents as well.

One of my stops every week is the blog - I started paying attention to this blog because one of my Twitter friends, Aaron the Audiophile, writes for them. Subsequently, I have chatted with a few of the other writers as well (waving to Jess too).

Five Things I Love

1. The site is named after a Ramones song. Hard to top that (BTW  my site is named after a Clash song FYI). 

2. Burger Records - Bloggingjess has a cool interview with Sean Bohrman of Burger Records. Lots of bands I love have recorded something for Burger (Hunx and his Punx, Nobunny, Personal and the Pizzas. As a result of reading this, I spent like three hours listening to the Burger Records Sampler. Here it is:

3. Suzies - Scott has a good interview with Suzies from Grand Rapids Michigan. I live in Michigan and try to support the music scene around the state as much as possible. However, I did not know Suzies and now I do.  I enjoyed listening to their most recent album a great deal, Here it is:

4. Revolver - My buddy Aaron did a "classic album review" of one of my favorite Beatles albums, Revolver. He starts out be asking "what can you possibly say about an album this classic" and then proceeds to say a ton of great stuff (and some stuff I did not already know). 

The Beatles, Revolver

The Beatles, Revolver

5. The Hives - JL did a "Magnificent Seven" (hmm what is that a reference to?) post on The Hives who I love. They are sarcastic all the time, dress quite well (snazzy matchy matchy), and have a big guy lead guitarist. And the clips he picked were awesome - check that out by Clicking HERE.

Here is probably the most famous Hives clip just for good measure:

Yes, you can click on that :)

My only critical comments, I hate how the sharing bar enters into my field of vision as I try to read articles on the site (a personal pet peeve) and I am not a huge fan of the scrolling boxes. But these are pretty minor issues. Plus, what do I know (not much)!

So, anyway, check out 50thirdand3rd it is great fun! And absolutely read Aaron and Jess!

What do you like about 50thirdand3rd? Do you like the Blog 2 Blog feature (it's new) Let me know what you think, leave a comment!