Josh's Digital Bin #14

A Spring Bin?

For the HUNDREDS of people that love exploring my Bins, Christmas has arrived here yet again (mostly kidding).

Starting to feel a bit like Spring here in Michigan (finally).

As you know, the idea is to create a somewhat random sampling of music that you can explore and discover much as we older music folk used to explore at record stores. 

Maybe you like what you find and maybe you don't. The joy for me was always in digging and finally finding something that I really loved (often after much error).

Asking people to explore, enjoy, and celebrate music is at the heart of this blog. It is why I will, for instance, watch Beyonce's special despite never really liking Beyonce that much (I loved the Lemonade HBO special).

Anyway, here we go:

Meter Bridge

I am really happy to put some new music from Meter Bridge on here, they are a Canadian electronic duo that I have been chatting with on Twitter for a LONG time. Super nice people who make really good music. Speaks directly to my 80's synth chakra!

Niku No Sekai

One of the people I chat with runs this record label, I was listening to some of the stuff on the bandcamp site and found this to be pretty fascinating!


Another one of those artists I am sure I probably talked to, wrote down the bands name, and promptly forgot the backstory. I don't mind, and kind of prefer, there to me a random feel to these bins, so that actually works for me. No matter what the backstory, this is good stuff!

Deposit Man

Talked to one of these guys on Twitter, they are a Punk band from Finland. Not sure I am 100% with the message sometimes, and they have just a bit of pop-punk too, but mostly I dig em. I really like Tyranny in particular.

Kyle Craft - Dolls of Highland

This is some fun Glam-Rock, New Orleans pianofied, fun time stuff.  Feels new and like an artifact all at once. Good stuff!

Well, that is the end of another Digital Bin! I hope you have fun digging with your headphones (or whatever the digital equivalent of digging is).

Use the Internet's "Tip Jar" to show your love for OPS 

Use the Internet's "Tip Jar" to show your love for OPS 

What bands did you like? Feel free to recommend artists here or via Twitter, when I don't include them, remind me (I honestly forget to write things down sometimes, but my intentions are good! Tell me what you like, leave a comment!