Pirate Transmission #4: "Ha, Magic Tomboy" Playlist

Lil Yachty, Lil' Boat

Lil Yachty, Lil' Boat

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Another Thursday Spotify Playlist presented for your listening pleasure (I think this is the 27th Playlist, although I rebranded only three playlists ago - if you go to Spotify and add me, you can see and listen to them all - add ypsifactj).

My goal is to bring a good mix of genres, time periods, and care to every playlist, and I spend hours on every single one (sometimes replacing songs as many as ten times).

You can "Just Hit Play" or look below for more detail on all of the songs and artists included (if you click on the band or artists name you will get a link to some new information).

If you are wondering about the crazy names, they are an ongoing tribute to Captain Beefheart.

Ha, Magic Tomboy

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The Songs

The Coathangers, Nosebleed Weekend

The Coathangers, Nosebleed Weekend

1. Diet Crime and Delinquency, Personal and the Pizzas, Single

2. Black Carpet Magic, Lilys, Everything Wrong Is Imaginary

3. Ha, HTRK, Ha/Panties

4. Here Comes The Rome Plows, Drive Like Jehu, Yank Crime

5. Tomboy, Acid Baby Jesus, LP

6. Minnesota, Little Yachty, Lil' Boat

7. Tyranny, Deposit Man, Deposit Man EP

8. Pretend We're Dead, L7, Bricks Are Heavy

9. Mi Cuidad Natal, Clorox Girls, Demos Rarities and Early 7's

10. Down Down, The Coathangers, Nosebleed Weekend

11. Fading All Away, Jay Reatard, Blood Visions

12. Suspicious Minds, Elvis Aaron Presley, Back In Memphis

Not sure why it worked out this way, but there is a bit of death and mourning on this playlist. Maybe it was subconscious as I was putting things together. Given the recent death of Prince, maybe music and death were somewhere in the undercarriage of my brain?

Anyway, hope that you enjoy the playlist. Listen, RT, and Share!

Explore, Enjoy, and Celebrate new music!

What did you think of the "Ha, Magic Tomboy" Playlist? What songs were your favorites and did you enjoy the albums? Let me know what you thought, leave a comment!

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