Playlist: The One About Radioactive Death Love

Nots, We Are Nots

Nots, We Are Nots

Every Thursday, I put out another Spotify playlist. 

This week, my playlist is called "The One About Radioactive Death Love." It is full of artists that are new to me but that I really like a great deal. In other words, this one was kind of exciting o put together because it involved more exploration and less recall. 

I was excited to learn all about Onyeabor (totally amazing), happy to see a new Broncho album is coming out, and also really liked Nobunny!

1. Chain Reaction, Cloud Cult, The Meaning of 8

2. Five Four, The Range, Single

3. Fantasy Boys, BRONCHO, Double Vanity

4. Our Secret, Beat Happening, Look Around

5. Don't Wanna Lose, Ex-Hex, Rips

6. Atomic Bomb, William Onyeabor, Who Is William Onyeabor

7. Nobody Dies, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, A Man Alive 

8. I Am A Girlfriend, Nobunny, Love Visions

9. Egypt Egypt, The Egyptian Lover, On The Nile

10. Make It Right, The Coathangers, Nosebleed Weekend

11. Reactor, Nots, We Are Nots

12. Foxy Lady, The Cure, Three Imaginary Boys

Hope you enjoyed the playlist, I really enjoyed putting it together! This week, the playlist trivia question is: Where did BRONCHO get their name from?

William Onyeabor, Who Is William Onyeabor

William Onyeabor, Who Is William Onyeabor

What did you think of this weeks playlist, what were your favorite songs? Let me know, leave a comment!