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My Best Albums of 2016: The Gold Medals: 10-1

Here it is, 100's of hours of work, and a whole year of listening to albums has led to these final ten albums.

My Top Ten Albums of 2016 (and a special tribute)

Explore, Enjoy, and Share Music!

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Josh's Digital Bin #16

Support the newest exploration craze sweeping the nation - Josh's Digital Bin. 

The digital bins feature artists that you probably have not heard making music you certainly should hear. Take a chance, listen to something new, and support some artists who aren't sucking the life right out of music!

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Pirate Transmission #6: "Professor Robot's Crafty Dorks" #Spotify Playlist

Pirate Transmission #Spotify Playlists come out every Thursday!

This is the Professor Robot's Crafty Dorks Playlist - Including Professor Murder, Pissed Jeans, The Nerves, Beastie Boys, Mr. LIF, and many others.


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