Josh's Digital Bin #16

What Is A Digital Bin?

The idea is to present music the way it was presented when I was younger, as a process of exploration. We used to go to record stores and dig through bins with very little idea of what albums would actually sound like. We would look at the covers, check out the band picture, look at the names of songs, and just make our best guesses.

Most record stores had discount bins where you could really afford to take some shots in the dark. I think of this space exactly like that, not that the artists don't deserve more attention than a discount bin but that they are worthy of being found.

Found music is more fun IMHO, so explore, enjoy, and celebrate new music.


So, this guy or these guys wrote me and sent me a link to this EXCELLENT EP. I get a pretty decent amount of cold calls and very few pan out like this. I mean this is REALLY good stuff. Highly recommended (Seriously, I have been listening to "Clicks and Slides" on repeat for the last 20 minutes). Kind of moments of dark psychedelia combined with a classic pop sensibility (like if one member of the Jam had been on LSD maybe, but in a good way?). 

Even more bizarre, the email was only signed "L." Well, "L" or RainDog, it was a true pleasure (and keep up the great work)!

Recite The Plan

This is one of my Twitter friends EP and another pleasant surprise, it has an early 90's electronic feel but with a cool fuzzy distorted vocal style that gives you the feeling of being is a really fun tunnel driving really fast (It has some really great hooks too, check out Cold December). 


This is the first time I have included the same artists on here a second time in the Digital Bin. I guess the reason is that I am a big fan of his work. Don't be surprised if I always include whatever his newest projects. I called his last album like floating down a really great lazy river, this sounds more like a great urban exploration to me. 

Eu La

This was recommended  to me by a friend, and it was a good call, very thoughtful and interesting and almost meditative music. Very good falling to sleep before a night of truly interesting dreams music. 

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Guess I have been really into Australian music lately, there has been at least one Aussie band on my playlists for weeks and I am pushing this band for the third time on the site. If you have not heard this amazing blend of styles and influences yet, do yourself a favor and just hit play. Do them a favor and actually purchase the album too (so a real band can make some money instead of No Direction or Ariana Grande or whoever is "ruling" the pop charts currently).

And so ends, yet another Digital Bin, I hope you liked it as much as I did!

What did you think of this week's digital bin? What were your favorite songs or artists, please share links to all of this stuff, and keep the discussion going, leave a comment!

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